Navigating Adoption When the Father is Unknown

By Noah Abrams

Beginning the adoption process after experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult for the birth mother to handle. Though true, you should know there are resources available to you that can provide the support that you need. If you proceed with an adoption, there are many emotions and feelings you juggle, which can be very stressful. Even more so if the birth father is unknown, unsupportive, or uninterested during this period, it is important to partner with reputable and knowledgeable adoption agencies to navigate the complexities and nuances of adoption. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado is experienced in helping birth mothers, regardless of their life situations. This includes those with birth fathers who are unsupportive or uninterested in being present throughout the adoption journey. This may intensify the negative feelings and emotions you have and cause hesitation to place your child. If you feel this way, know that you can still go through with adoption if the birth father isn’t present or supportive of you. We can discuss your options, answer any questions, and ultimately help you create your adoption plan. 

Definition of a Birth Father in Colorado and Their Rights

For any birth mother considering giving up a baby for adoption, there are things you should know beforehand. For example, the birth father has equal authority in the adoption process in Colorado as the birth mother. Regardless of the birth father’s presence throughout the adoption journey, he still has rights regarding adoption. To proceed without the birth father’s consent would require legal procedures, which can differ from state to state. 

The birth father usually has the right to be informed about the birth mother creating an adoption plan. He also has the right to actively participate in the adoption process. An essential part of the process would be choosing the adoptive parents. We encourage this and believe your part in this decision is important. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we will show you a variety of potential adoptive families.

The birth father can be involved in the type of adoption chosen for his child as well. The three different type of adoption are as follows:

  • Open Adoption, which we encourage to all families looking to place their child. It offers the most communication and transparency between both parties and identifying information is exchanged. This type also offers the chance to arrange post-placement communication or in-person visits. 
  • Semi-open Adoption, which offers balance between the other two types of adoption. There is some level of communication in transparency, but not as much as an open adoption. Also, some identifying information is exchanged, but post-placement in-person arrangements are less likely. 
  • Closed Adoption, which is the least desired, but still an option for you. There is no communication or transparency and identifying information isn’t shared. Additionally, all communication will go through the adoption agency.

Lastly, if the birth father is not in favor of the adoption, he has the right to contest it.

Adoption in Colorado with an Unknown or Unsupportive Birth Father

Giving up a baby for adoption is possible in most cases when the father is unknown in Colorado. Putative father registries are available to birth fathers in the adoption process in Colorado. It gives him the option to exercise his birth father rights and be active in the adoption process. If he opts not to fill out the putative father registry, the birth mother can proceed without his consent. You will have an attorney alongside you to finalize the adoption. 

Additionally, if the birth father contests the adoption, he must prove his financial ability to care for the child. Additionally, he must be deemed fit to be a parent. For example, a history of abuse or mental ailments are examples of factors to deem a birth father unfit. If this is the case, you would be in control of all major decisions regarding your adoption plan. You can allow the birth father to have input if you desire, but you have authority over all decisions. 

Also, termination of parental rights are important as it relates to adoption.It often precedes adoption, allowing prospective adoptive families to assume parental rights and responsibility. This is considered to be a voluntary termination of parental rights. In cases of involuntary termination, the state concludes that the parent is unfit due to neglect, abuse, or inability to adequately care for the child. The termination of parental rights holds significant implications and is intended to protect the child’s best interests.

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Giving up a baby for adoption is one of the most difficult decisions anyone can make. Because of this, we want you to create an adoption plan that is ideal for you and your child. Having authority over your adoption journey helps ease the stress that comes with it. Dealing with an unknown or unsupportive birth father can add to this stress. This is why it is essential to acknowledge the birth father’s rights. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado will help in any way, regardless of the birth fathers’ participation. Working with us, we can connect you with a caseworker or counselor. They can detail the potential impact of your adoption plan and how you can navigate it.  

If you are considering adoption, Colorado is home to Adoption Choices of Colorado. We are one of the most reputable adoption agencies in the state, supporting birth mothers regardless of their circumstances. We will educate you on the adoption process and answer any questions you have. We have knowledgeable counselors available to assist you 24/7 ensure a seamless transition into this journey. 

Know that you are making a courageous decision that will ultimately land your child in a loving home. You are not abandoning your child. Don’t think of it as giving up a baby for adoption, but instead placing them in a loving and stable environment. Contact us today for a free consultation and to discuss your adoption options!

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