National Adoption Month in Colorado 

Did you know there was a month set aside in the year to celebrate adoptions and bring awareness to adoption agencies? November is national adoption month, and more specifically, November 20th is national adoption day!  Adoption is a wonderful choice Adoption Choices of Colorado want to bring awareness to that for both sides and we have testimonies from birth mothers and adoptive families.

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What is National Adoption Month and When Did it Begin?

Colorado adoption first began back in 1976 and it started out as adoption week. In the beginning, it was the first week in November and has similar missions as the national month does now. There was an entire week dedicated to hosting adoption events to bring awareness and to promote adoptive families. It soon became popular and too busy to fit into one week, transforming it into National Adoption Month in the late 90s. 

The main goal of this month is to spread awareness. There are many lives that have been impacted by adoption and it is important to acknowledge those lives. Adoption is not an easy process from either side and can be a very emotional time. It is important to use the month of November to encourage others to educate themselves on the adoption process and to celebrate those who have gone through the process. They are strong individuals and are doing wonderful things. Adoptive families are able to grow their family and spread more love. The children are introduced to a warm and healthy environment. It is truly an uplifting process and brings joyful tears to everyone’s eyes. 

We at Adoption Choices of Colorado care for all the children under our care and we want to see them grow up living their healthiest lives. Our mission is to ensure they live a long life filled with lots of love, care, and support. While we start out as their support system, we hope to find them a family that wants to do more for them and provide them with unconditional love and support. 

How To Celebrate Adoption

There are many ways that people celebrate the month of adoption. As mentioned before, adoption agencies in Colorado personally honor adoption. They like to feature adoptive families to hopefully encourage others and spread awareness about adoption. There is a strong need for families to adopt and you don’t necessarily have to be a resident in Colorado to adopt from the state. 

Ways that current adoptive families and birth parents celebrate national adoption month are retelling to your child their adoption story and being open with them about where they came from. It can also be celebrated with a party, much like when families have an adoption day party. Also, consider showing your gratitude to the specific adoption agency for helping you through the process and making it possible for you to let a new loved one into your life. 

While it is important to celebrate your own family’s adoption, consider celebrating others’ adoptions and support future adoptions. A lot of adoptive families donate every November to their own adoption agency in Colorado or other families donate to their neighboring adoption agencies. It is a very kind gesture and supports everyone involved such as the children, birth mothers, and employees. If you’re interested in supporting Adoption Choices of Colorado, consider donating so that we may continue our mission and find more loving families for a child in need.

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