Misconceptions About Adoption Agencies in Colorado

By Quentin Steadman

Trying to determine the beginning of your adoption in Colorado can be difficult. There are several factors to consider, multiple adoption agencies in Colorado, and each decision feels intimidating. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we strive to make the adoption process as straightforward as possible, achieving this through our personal commitment of helping you along every step of the adoption process. To prepare, let’s take a look at potential misconceptions birth mothers may possess regarding adoption in the state of Colorado.

4 Common Misconceptions Regarding Adoption for Birth Mothers

1. It does not cost money to place your child for adoption

Licensed adoption agencies in Colorado never charge or require pay for use of their services. Similarly, the state of Colorado is one of five states in which all adoptive placements are made by the state’s departments of human or social services or child-placing agencies that are licensed by the State of Colorado. Adoption Choices of Colorado is proud to be a part of this contingency!

2. You are not obligated to place your child for adoption

The choice of adoption is yours. If you choose adoption, agencies such as Adoption Choices of Colorado are here to offer assistance. You will never be forced to place your child for adoption, and should you change your mind at any point throughout the adoption plan (prior to signing the final relinquishment paperwork), you are more than allowed to cancel your plans for adoption.

3. You do not get paid for placing your child for adoption

Although you do receive any compensation for choosing adoption, Adoption Choices of Colorado offers financial assistance for all birth mothers who choose us for their adoption plan. This assistance may include safe housing, food and groceries, rent, and utility bills if eligible. Adoption Choices of Colorado also can help you find medical care associated with the adoption process.

4. After adoption, you can still maintain a relationship with your child

Although this depends on the specificity of your adoption plan, the state of Colorado allows open or semi-open adoption plans, which grant the birth mother a certain degree of communication with her birth child, even after the child finds an adoptive family.  

5 Common Misconceptions Regarding Those Seeking to Adopt

1. You do not have to be married

The state of Colorado does not require couples seeking to adopt to be married.  To adopt in Colorado, you can be single or married.  

2. Same-sex couples are allowed to adopt

Adoption Choices of Colorado does not discriminate between adoptive families. The process is entirely the same, regardless of sexual orientation.

3. Specific Prerequisites Must be Completed

These include properly filling out an adoption application, conducting a Home Study, and partaking in adoptive parent training. Specific to Colorado, there are also certain health, financial, and emotional requirements that must be met in order for the adoption to proceed.  

4. Three Background Checks Must be Completed

These include the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) background check, an FBI fingerprint check, and a Child Abuse and Neglect Records Check (CDHS TRAILS). Your assigned adoption specialist will be able to provide further details as to what these requirements are, as well as point out what other documents will be expected from you.

5. Persons Convicted of Certain Felonies May Not Adopt

This consists of felonies in the following areas: 

  • Child abuse or neglect
  • Spousal abuse
  • Any crime against a child, including, but not limited to, child pornography
  • Any crime of domestic violence
  • Violation of a protection order
  • Any crime involving violence, rape, sexual assault, or homicide

Adoption Choices of Colorado is Here to Dispel the Misconception about Adoption

Although the above lists are general misconceptions, there are surely questions and concerns that are specific to your predicament. By choosing Adoption Choices of Colorado, we endeavor to provide answers to all of your worries.  We assign an adoption specialist that will devise an adoption plan which suits your needs.  We treat each case as unique and work to develop a solution specifically tailored to your adoption concerns. 

Our goal is to make your adoption in Colorado as smooth and candid as possible. To accomplish this, we utilize a multi-step adoption plan that accompanies you through every step of the adoption process. A general outline of this process can appear as follows:

  1. Create a budget for financial assistance
  2. Review family profiles and choose an adoptive family
  3. Choose the level of openness
  4. Establish a hospital/birth plan
  5. Receive ongoing counseling and emotional support

No matter the shape your adoption plan takes, Adoption Choices of Colorado will be there with you along every step!


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