Life for Birth Parents After Adoption

By Jonathan Tick

Some birth parents may not think about what to do after they’re done with the adoption process. Giving a baby up for adoption often becomes the only important thing at the moment. So much so that anything after that, thinking about what to do afterward, becomes a secondary afterthought. Some birth parents may even be scared about thinking about what happens afterward. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, our adoption agencies want to help support you through the stress of adoption. This can extend to the period after adoption when some birth parents aren’t sure what the next step should be. To combat this, here’re a few things to consider after you’ve finished your adoption journey. And now it’s ok to choose to go down certain paths or cope in certain ways. Even if you think it’s wrong to process your emotions in that fashion.

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Relationship with Your Child After the Adoption

Some birth parents may struggle to come to terms with their adoption initially. The misconception about approaching an adoption agency is that choosing adoption means saying goodbye forever. While those kinds of adoptions can exist, most adoptions these days fall under the umbrella of ‘open adoption .’Meaning that the baby will still have some form of connection to their birth parents. Even if they’re not being raised by them directly. 

Pursuing open adoption can be a great way to alleviate those post-adoption woes. You can decide in the middle of your adoption plan whether or not you want to pursue this path. And if you do, a line of communication decided between you and your child’s adoptive parents can be opened up. Simply going up to one of our adoption agencies in Colorado will let you view messages and send or receive gifts to your child. Many birth parents choose this method as it lets them see how their child is doing. It can give them peace of mind about the situation. And can be a way to help birth parents move on from their adoption woes or feelings.

Post-Placement Counseling

Adoption Choices of Colorado offers a selection of services similar to your adoption plan once the baby has been born. After giving your baby up for adoption, unexpected feelings or lingering grief can come about. So our adoption options allow for birth parents to receive similar services to their adoption plan until they recover. This includes various individual or family therapy forms to help air out grievances.

Talking through those tough emotions can be a great way to cope and come to terms with the adoption. It’s ok to feel this way. It’s encouraged as it can allow birth parents a way to move on once everything’s been said and done. Our adoption agencies in Colorado want to make sure that all birth parents are ready for what’s ahead, which is why these services are offered for a few months after the baby has been born as it’s a way to give parents the time they deserve and the space that they need. Talk to your adoption specialist if you’re curious about what else can be offered. They should be able to lay out a wide array of counseling options for you to get the help you need.

Future After Adoption

Deciding what to do next after adoption can be difficult. And while Adoption Choices of Colorado can help, ultimately, the decision is up to you. For some, moving on can be easy. But for others, pursuing things like a family after the process can be really difficult to do. For any birth parents in those shoes, a suggestion could be to recollect why you chose adoption in the first place.

Birth parents choose adoption for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps they were too young or ill-prepared to raise a child. Or they were in a relationship or situation that was not a good environment to raise a baby. Reminding yourself of why you sought out adoption options can be key in relieving you of any guilt. Maybe check back with your baby if you choose open adoption during your adoption journey. And remind yourself that you were the one responsible for your child’s current bright, happy future. These can be great ways to remind yourself that you have nothing to be guilty of. It should empower you more for what’s to come. Choosing to start a family shows that you’re more confident in your ability to be a parent and caretaker. And comparatively, you’re in a much better place now than when you started your adoption journey. 

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