LGBTQ+ Adoption FAQ with an Adoption Agency in Colorado

By Melissa Camacho

You are a birth mother going through an unplanned pregnancy trying to make ends meet in the adoption process. Choosing the right adoptive family is one of the most important steps in your adoption journey. There are all kinds of adoptive families in Colorado waiting to adopt a child. If you are a birth mother considering LGBTQ + adoption with a private adoption Colorado agency, we can help youAdoption Choices of Colorado is a leading adoption agency that offers our birth mothers a range of flexible adoption options. Every birth mother has unique values and interests in choosing an adoptive family. We make placing your baby for adoption a rewarding experience with LGBTQ + adoption.

Will it Be Hard to Choose an LGBTQ+ Adoption?

Choosing an LGBTQ+ adoption can be challenging due to stereotypes and discrimination. Your child may experience isolation from other kids if LGBTQ+ stereotypes and ignorance influence those kids. Unfortunately, not every child grows up in an environment that accepts an LGBTQ+ society. However, your child will grow to be educated about diversity and accept people with different gender identities. Adoption Choices of Colorado is an LGBTQ-friendly adoption agency that does not withhold any birth mother from choosing an LGBTQ+ adoption.

Why Would an LGBTQ+ Adoptive Family be Interested in Adopting a Child?

The main reason is that LGBTQ+ are unable to have children of their own but carry the same parental qualities. LGBTQ+ Adoptive families come from the same loving nature as many other adoptive families. Because of the outstanding parental qualities, LGBTQ+ is the essence of the love embodied in the adoption community. This type of adoptive family is willing to expand diversity in society. One of their goals is to raise children to grow and develop an understanding of different gender identities.

What are the Steps to Select an LGBTQ+ Adoptive Family?

We are very resourceful in providing a wide range of options for choosing the best adoptive family for your child. Our waiting families page contains a profile list of families who want to adopt a child. You will find many different types of adoptive families throughout our CO adoption, waiting for family profiles. The waiting families page is easy to navigate with unique features to view photos and have instant access to contact information. For each adoptive family profile, you can also read a brief description of their family values and interests. This is a useful way to see if it’s the type of LGBTQ+ adoption you want for your child.

Will I Be Able To Contact the LGBTQ+ Adoptive Family?

After placing a baby up for adoption, you can get in with the LGBTQ+ adoptive family about your baby. It depends on the type of adoption you choose in your adoption plan. There are three types of adoption: 

  • Open Adoption: With this type of adoption, you can have as much communication with the adoptive family. There are many ways you can communicate with the adoptive family. This includes sending letters or family pictures, messaging, social media, video chats, and family visits.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: A semi-adoption allows you to communicate with the adoptive family through an adoption agency or third party.
  • Closed Adoption: If you choose a closed adoption, there is no communication between you, the adoptive family, or your child. In addition, information is confidential.

Your adoption type will be finalized after you sign the adoption consent forms. If you wish to change the type of adoption when the adoption is finalized, speak with your adoption specialist.

Can LGBTQ+ Couples Petition for a Joint Adoption in Colorado?

The Colorado Civil Union Act grants marriage rights to LGBTQ+ and same-sex couples. If married, then petition rights for a joint adoption are also possible. However, separate petitions are needed from each individual to adopt if LGBTQ+ and same-sex couples are not married.

How LGBTQ+ Couples Become Step-Parents?

LGBTQ+ couples can become step-parent adoptees if they are part of a civil union or married. Step-parenting is when one partner legally takes custody of the other partner’s child as their own. The identified LGBTQ + step-parent is granted the same parental rights as the child’s legal parent.

How Can My Child Benefit From Being Raised by An LGBTQ + Adoptive Family? 

There are benefits from choosing an LGBTQ+ adoption with a private adoption Colorado agency. First, your child will grow to be educated about people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. LGBTQ+ adoptive families are career-oriented, and it will also have a positive impact on your child. Last but not least, LGBTQ+ adoptive families are financially stable enough to pay for medical expenses, food, and other needs.

Are There Counseling Services that will Help Me Cope with Emotional Barriers Choosing an LGBTQ+ Adoption?

As part of your adoption plan, you qualify to be part of our counseling support services. You will be in touch with one of our adoption specialists to go over your concerns that interfere with choosing an LGBTQ+ adoption. We understand there are emotional challenges you face when you place the baby up for adoption. However, that doesn’t mean you need to withdraw from your decisions. Instead, it means we encourage and empower you to overcome those obstacles and feel more comfortable choosing LGBTQ+ adoption.

Can the LGBTQ+ Adoptive Family Be Present on My Birth Delivery Date?

Yes, the LGBTQ+ adoptive family can be present on your birth delivery date. You can make these arrangements with a doctor at the hospital you choose in your adoption plan. Not only can the LGBTQ + adoptive family be present, but you can also take pictures with them and your baby. This is a great opportunity to share a special moment and learn about the family that will adopt your baby.

Explore Your Adoption Options with LGBTQ+ Adoption

Every birth mother comes from different family values, cultures, and interests. It is our privilege to amplify a birth mother’s voice to create an adoption plan that represents the love and care for her child. Reach out to our adoption agencies in Colorado and speak with your adoption specialist about pursuing an LGBTQ + adoption.

Our birth mothers have opportunities to expand their horizons in learning about different adoption child care options. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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