Regardless of sexual orientation, most couples start to think about building a family at some point. As an LGBT couple, though, your options are more limited. Adoption is a common and beautiful way to start your family.

No matter your lifestyle or preferences, we believe that everyone that is fit to care for a child and wants to do so should have the ability to adopt. That’s why we work diligently to ensure that LGBT adoption is an option available to each birth mother, should she be open to that.

LGBT adoption has become more and more widely accepted through the years and it has never been as common as it is today, which is phenomenal. While you may think that the process will likely take longer and have many more hoops to jump through, that really isn’t the case anymore.

In fact, we are seeing the number of birth parents that are open to their child going to a LGBT family increase year over year. While it’s not possible to guarantee that the process will happen in a certain amount of time, the main factors determining any adoptive family’s wait time are usually their preferences and how they go about creating their adoptive profile.

So, what does the process actually look like for a LGBT family looking to adopt?

Home Study

Every prospective adoptive family must go through and pass a home study. Within this process the agency will determine whether or not you and your family are fit to care for and support a child. This process is a very important and required piece for all families, LGBT or heterosexual, to complete.

Essentially, the agency and birth parents really just want to know that the baby is going to be raised in a capable, stable, and loving environment. You can learn more about what the home study hopes to answer in our blog post, 5 Questions that a Home Study Answers.

Adoption Profile

Your adoption profile is what will set you apart. While you’re going through the home study process, you should also be working on your adoption profile which is meant to show the birth parents what kind of life their child would have with you. In this profile you’ll want to share your experiences, preferences, beliefs, and of course, your LGBT lifestyle.

It’s important to be completely honest in this profile so that the birth mother knows exactly what kind of people you are and why she would want to have her child raised by you.


As we mentioned before, LGBT adoptions are at an all time high. As the LGBT lifestyle has become much more widely accepted, more and more birth mothers are actually searching for LGBT families to place her child with. And while you may have thought that being LGBT was a disadvantage that would hurt your chances of being matched, it’s actually likely the opposite.

Since there are more LGBT families looking to adopt and more birth parents specifically searching for LGBT families, the competition has never been greater.

Don’t let this deter you though. Creating a great adoption profile (see our previous point) is what will separate you from the crowd.


Once you have completed the home study and adoption profile, you will begin to be matched with potential birth mothers. The birth mothers will review all potential matches based on her preferences and narrow down to her chosen couple (or even single individual). The process of matching with a birth mother can be extremely short or it can take a little while, but whether you’ve been matched right away or have to wait, just remember that your child is out there somewhere waiting for you. Don’t get discouraged, just keep a positive mindset and know that it will happen.


As you can see, the process of adopting for a LGBT couple really isn’t different than that of a heterosexual couple. It’s all a matter of passing your home study and writing a compelling, informative, and loving adoption profile. If you’re ready to begin the process of completing your family, we’d love to hear from you!

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