Same Sex Adoption in Colorado

Ever since gay marriage became legal in the U.S. in 2015, the amount of same sex adoptions has grown exponentially. Out of the estimated 594,000 same-sex households in the United States, roughly 115,000 of those have children. Statistics reveal overwhelming positive results within LGBT families, further proving that sexual orientation does not matter when parenting. These facts are good to have in the midst of the continued controversy with same sex adoptions.

LGBT Adoption Statistics

Since 2010, same sex adoptions have more than tripled. Today, LGBT parents are raising more than 4% of all adopted children in the United States, and there are more than two million LGBT community members who are interested in adopting. Studies have found that lesbian and gay couples tend to adopt transracially more often than heterosexual couples, and that they are more open to adopting children born outside of the U.S. Another statistic states that children raised by same sex parents are typically more tolerant and have a stronger understanding of different lifestyles.

In regards to a racial and ethnic background, gay and lesbians parents adopt: 53% White, 18% Hispanic, 14% African-American and 11% Asian/Pacific Islander. They also tend to be more educated, older and have more economic resources than other adoptive parents. The average income for same sex couples raising adopted children is estimated around 102K. For opposite sex married couples, it’s around 82K.

Adoption Studies

One of the biggest misconceptions with same sex adoptions is that it can “make a child gay.” This is a myth. In fact, the above statistics and the others available suggest the exact opposite. Gender-identity and sexual orientation develop the same way, whether the child is raised in a same-sex home or heterosexual home.

Ironically, the majority of LGBT community members grow up in heterosexual/straight homes. Gay and lesbian men and women are just as suited and equipped to raise children as straight couples and individuals are. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with being a good parent or bad parent. Rather, good parenting encompasses the couples’ or individual’s ability to love and nurture a child. What’s more, children are far more influenced by their parents’ relationship and mannerisms with each other than their sexual orientation.

Same Sex Adoption in Colorado

Colorado adoption laws permit single same sex individuals to adopt, and allow couples to petition jointly or as a second parent adoption. The state harbors no discrimination based on gender, race or religion. Provided the prospective parent is at least 21 years of age, and has never been convicted of a felony involving child abuse, violence or unlawful sexual behavior, they meet the most basic state requirements. If approved by the court, Colorado also permits minors to adopt. The state allows the adoption of both adults and children.

In the State of Colorado, an adult can be adopted as someone’s heir. Provided the adult adoptee grants consent, they can change his or her name to that of their adoptive parent during the legal proceedings. Generally, both adult adoptions and child adoptions operate the same way across the state.

Same sex men and women do not need to be married in order to adopt in Colorado. That decision is completely up to each couple’s and individual’s discretion.

Colorado Adoption Requirements

To best prepare for Colorado’s adoption process, you will need to get a federal and state fingerprint-based background check. This will check your criminal and history records, if you have any. As aforementioned, those convicted will not be allowed to adopt. Be sure to contact your local law enforcement and police departments to complete the background check. Afterwards, you can mail or deliver your fingerprint cards to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Because state law and life circumstances can change simultaneously, always please be sure to work with an adoption agency, professional or lawyer to ensure a smooth journey through the adoption process. They are great resources for additional details, questions and concerns as well.


Adoption laws regarding same sex have come a long way and LGBT adoptions are flourishing. Even despite the hurdles and challenges that still stand in the way. Same sex parents can change children’s lives, just like heterosexual couples.

After all, adoption is all about providing a child with a good home. A loving family. It’s giving them a chance at life and happiness, at hope and a future, when they wouldn’t otherwise have one. In the larger scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if the couple adopting them is black or white, gay or straight. The real issue is that they are safe, loving, and will do everything in the best interest of the child. That they will raise them to the best of their ability.

Colorado prospective parents — be sure to check out all the available resources your state has to offer! Carefully research what agencies best fit your needs, and find professionals who will fully support you. Your dream of becoming a parent can come true!



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