Adoption Story with Author, Jennifer Asher – Now Available for Pre-Order

“I tried so hard at the beginning to force things to go my way. I eventually recognized that I needed to follow the signs when I was headed down the wrong path. When I let go of control a bit, and allowed the tide to direct me, everything worked out as it should.”

A powerful idea. A brave expedition. We hear it constantly on this journey to have a baby, grow our family, or extend our family, right? Don’t force things. Just relax. Go with the flow. Stay positive, have faith, don’t stress… But sometimes hearing it from someone who has actually worn the shoes, been there, done that, and even wrote a book about it – we can listen more closely and too, let go – even if just a little bit – of our control and as Jennifer puts it, allow the universe to conspire.

Jennifer and Marc adopted a baby in 2001 from Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. After multiple miscarriages, their journey through adoption took them across the world and back and ultimately landed in Oklahoma. All they knew from the beginning is that they wanted the entire process to be done quickly. International adoption was their chosen route and specifically, Vietnam, was their destination.

Jennifer details in her book, Journey to My Daughter, the sometimes difficult, often surprising, and looking back hilarious obstacles along the way. Knowing Jennifer and Marc have a beautiful 20 year old daughter doesn’t deter the edge of the seat craving for ‘what happened next!?’ When they say “This child was meant to be our child!” you too, feel it in your soul!

Jennifer first wrote the book, 20 years ago to her daughter. She knew from the beginning to get it all in ink, to remember the details, so she could later share the full report with her. The adoption was no secret and in fact, they maintained an opportunity for an open adoption after placement with the birth parents. Over time the relationship has changed, new relationships have developed, and of course with social media, communication is simple and fast.

After much encouragement Jennifer shares her story in this compelling memoir detailing miscarriage, adoption, and self-discovery. In hopes to be published in December, Jennifer has created a campaign to help reach funding for publishing. If everything feels like it’s going wrong, this adoption story will help you realize you are being led to everything that is right! Plus, pre-order means exclusive rewards!

  • You will receive a personally signed copy of Journey to My Daughter with a handwritten thank-you note.
  • Your name will appear in the Acknowledgments section of the book (“with Special Thanks to”).
  • You will receive early access to the Introduction and some excerpts from the book, with the opportunity to review it and give early feedback.
  • You will have the opportunity to be involved in selecting the cover and author photo.
  • You will be invited to join Jennifer’s Author Community and get behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into the publishing process.
  • And much more!

Place your order for Journey to My Daughter now! <— Click Here!!

Jennifer is offering an exclusive perk for Adoption Choices adoptive families. She is prepared to help you help your child understand their adoption story by helping you create the language for your own personalized book for your child. Most adoptive parents understand the importance of talking to their adopted child about their adoption story and adoption identity. However, no matter how much preparation they do, some adoptive parents still wonder exactly how to talk to their child about adoption in a positive way that they can understand.

With Jennifer’s expertise – which will include a one-on-one consultation – she will help you develop a clear understanding for your child and express your excitement and gratitude about the way your child came into your life. Putting your adoption story in writing provides a concrete story that can be referred to again and again throughout their childhood!

This opportunity is only available to Adoption Choices adoptive families and is only available for a short time!

For more information, you can connect with Jennifer at
Facebook: or @Jennifer Rose Asher
Instagram: or @jenniferroseasher
Twitter: @Jenrasher

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