Interracial Adoptions in CO: Should I choose a white family for my black baby?

By Jan Douglas

Modern adoption allows for more flexibility and creativity. Many adoptions nowadays are “open adoptions,” in which the birth mother and adoptive family meet and even spend time together. Adoption Choices of Colorado can answer all your questions about the adoption process if you are pregnant and considering adoption. One part of the adoption process is choosing the adoptive family for your child. If you are pregnant and considering adoption in Colorado, our private adoption agency can talk you through all your choices. If you select a family of a different race than you, you are making a transracial adoption. The type of adoptive family is just one of the many decisions you will make in the adoption plan

There are various characteristics a birth mother might think about when deciding on an adoptive family. A few of these are:

  • Would you like the child raised with a specific religion?
  • The type of marriage the adoptive parents have – traditional, same-sex, or even a single parent
  • A multi-cultural home
  • Will one parent stay home and not work?
  • Particular personality traits of either parent
  • Siblings?
  • The type of school the adopted child will attend
  • Having the adoptive parents be of a different race than your child

What would the benefits be of interracial adoption in CO?

The most important thing to understand is that your child will be cherished and loved no matter the kind of family. No matter whom you choose, the unborn baby will be their angel. Transracial families are much more common today. And while they may involve different challenges than a family of a single race, they also provide lovely experiences.

Choosing a transracial adoption can benefit not only the adoptive child but the family as well. You are bringing together two different cultural backgrounds. The home may be unique, filled with learning and experiencing different customs and traditions. Beth Hall and Gail Steinberg are two moms who adopted children of different races. They said the following. “People of mixed heritage do not have half the experience of being one race and half the experience of the other, any more than children of a mother and a father have half the experience of being their mother’s child and half the experience of being their father’s. They are the product of both, always, whether both are present or not.” A transracial family has the opportunity of beautiful adventures bridging two cultures. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado is a Colorado adoption agency that can guide you through these decisions. We have been assisting birth mothers since 2002. Transracial adoption provides opportunities for building self-esteem and positive identities. Adoptive families who choose this path are usually strong with an understanding and a desire for a diverse family. They often strive for an open and heartfelt relationship with their children. Helping their adopted child navigate the obstacles they may confront builds strong self-esteem. And can bring the family closer together.

How are adoptive families reviewed and accepted?

When a birth mother decides to place her baby for adoption, the first thing she needs to realize is she is not taking the easy way out. Choosing adoption is a courageous action in believing in a better life for your unborn baby. There are many reasons a birth mother decides on adoption. She may be young and still in school. The pregnancy was unplanned, and the biological mother is neither financially nor emotionally able to raise a child. Adoption Choices of Colorado maintains there are unique circumstances that come with an adoption decision.

A birth mother can find peace knowing that all prospective parents undergo comprehensive background checks. A case worker will go to their home for an extensive interview. Colorado law requires adoptive parents to provide the following: 

  • A State Bureau of Investigation report
  • A child abuse clearance report
  • Birth certificates
  • A copy of their marriage license
  • Physician’s report, including HIV test results, etc.

We meticulously screen all the adoptive families accepted by our adoption agency. Knowing this as a birth mother may help alleviate some of the stresses during the adoption process

What is the process for matching the birth mom and the adoptive family? 

Our private adoption agency will give the birth mother several family profiles to review. Our adoptive families put together a mini-scrapbook that offers a picture to the birth mother of their lives. This book may include photos of the family, their home, vacations they have taken, and much more. One precious item these portfolios have is a “Dear Birth Mother” letter. This letter answers the questions a birth mother may have. It also provides a glimpse into the characteristics of each adoptive parent – hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. If you do not find an adoptive family you feel comfortable with, Adoption Choices of Colorado will give you more profiles. Our adoption counselors will guide and support the birth mother in helping her find the perfect adoptive family. 

Our private adoption agency can answer any questions if you are an expectant woman thinking about adoption. We have several locations across Colorado. One of our adoption professionals can also meet you somewhere, public or private. Our adoption agency is available 24/7. You can message us at 720-371-1099 or call us at 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here. Adoption Choices of Colorado believes in empowering birth mothers when making this decision. Choosing adoption may involve a variety of emotions. Our adoption team treats all birth mothers with empathy and knowledge. 

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