Independent Surrogacy and Agency-Assisted Surrogacy

Do you know why intended parents choose to work with or without a surrogacy agency for their surrogacy journey? Oftentimes, it comes down to whether the intended parents have already selected a surrogate, and the level of responsibility they want to hold over the process.

There is no right or wrong answer in deciding to work with or without agency assistance. Regardless of your choice, Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado wants you to be informed about your options. Below, we discuss the differences between independent surrogacy and agency-assisted surrogacy.

What is Independent Surrogacy?

Independent surrogacy is when the intended parents find a surrogate and go through the surrogacy process without the help of an agency. These steps include: finding a suitable surrogate who agrees with your expectations, securing a surrogacy lawyer to file the necessary legal documentation, locating a fertility clinic to initiate the pregnancy, and arranging the delivery at an obstetrics hospital.

Throughout the 10-month surrogacy journey, the intended parents will provide emotional and logistical support to the surrogate and smooth over any conflicts that arise.

How does Independent Surrogacy Differ from Agency-Assisted Surrogacy?

Most often, intended parents who choose to go without the support of a surrogacy agency have already found their surrogate. These are called identified surrogacies: when a close friend or family member agrees to be your surrogate.

One of the main roles of a surrogacy agency is to screen surrogates. There are several legal, psychological, and medical qualifications that potential surrogates must meet to be accepted. Choosing to screen a surrogate by yourself means you run the risk of your potential surrogate not being accepted by your surrogacy lawyer or the fertility clinic.

Surrogacy specialists have experience vetting surrogates and matching intended parents to mothers who meet their preferences and plans. With a surrogacy agency, you can expect the agent to present you with the profiles of a few surrogates who are a good match. From there, the surrogacy specialist will facilitate a meeting between the two parties to confirm plans and begin the legal and medical processes.

Intended parents who choose independent surrogacy are responsible for coordinating the surrogacy agreement, any compensation, legal documentation, and medical procedures themselves. They will need to locate a convenient fertility clinic, find a surrogacy lawyer, and guide the surrogate through the entire process.

Advantages of Independent Surrogacy

For those who have already identified their surrogate, independent surrogacy offers a cut-and-dry path ahead. They need only secure legal representation, form an agreement with the surrogate, and begin the medical procedures.

Intended parents who want to take on more responsibility or management in the surrogacy process can benefit from independent surrogacy. Going through this process without the help of a surrogacy agency means the intended parents will have to do their research to select reputable surrogacy lawyers and efficient fertility clinics. Prospective parents who have strong project management skills could delight in this level of planning.

Surrogates who want to pursue independent surrogacy can benefit from increasing their charges beyond those they may have received from an agency. They have more freedom to guide the plans and express their preferences for which lawyers or clinics they prefer to work with.

Advantages of Agency-Assisted Surrogacy

Intended parents seeking a surrogate can be confident that the surrogates screened by surrogacy agencies will fit all of the necessary legal and medical requirements. This is often more reliable than searching through online communities yourself, and the approval of experts can bring you added peace of mind for this long journey.

An important benefit of working with an agency is third-party support. Agencies offer mediation during the agreement stage, which can be helpful when coordinating with relative strangers. Surrogacy agencies, like Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado, also offer counseling and support services because we understand the emotional needs of both intended parents and surrogates. This support can help strengthen the relationship between the intended parents and surrogate, which is crucial for maintaining healthy communication and celebrating the joys of surrogacy together.

Surrogacy agencies may have partnerships with surrogacy lawyers to secure their clients flat rate fees instead of hourly rates for legal services.

Choosing between Independent Surrogacy and Agency-Assisted Surrogacy

The choice to work with a surrogacy agency or not is up to the intended parents. Even if you have already identified your surrogate, surrogacy specialists can offer counseling and can connect you with the correct professionals you need to seamlessly pursue your surrogacy journey.

We hope this explanation has helped you more fully understand the differences between independent surrogacy and agency-assisted surrogacy. For all of your surrogacy questions, consult our specialists at Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado.

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