I’m a Birth Mother in Colorado; How Do I Cope with Mother’s Day?

After an unplanned pregnancy, choosing adoption in Colorado, and now being a birth mother, Mother’s Day may be a sensitive day for you. Whatever you are feeling about the upcoming holiday, it is valid. It is okay to be sad or feel guilt or regret. Whatever emotion you are feeling is natural. It is okay if you are missing your child and wish you could be with them for a day that celebrates you.

You birthed your child, and you are a mother, but you are not their parent, so Mother’s Day may give you all different kinds of emotions. Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate mothers and all their accomplishments they’ve made. You are a mother, but only a birth mother. So how do you cope with Mother’s Day?

Here at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we want you to have a way to cope on Mother’s Day as a birth mother. We know how hard it is to go through a holiday where you’re supposed to be appreciated for being a mother, but no one knows what your situation is. You are not alone in this feeling either.

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Have a Support System for Adoption Plan CO 

Find a group on a social media platform that is full of birth mothers. If you can’t find one, create one. Make a group chat with birth mothers in a similar situation as you and spend the day chatting with them and sharing your stories. Spend time with them and have that support system who is there to listen to all of the emotions you are feeling. Having a support system who is right by your side all day, even from a distance, is a great help for a birth mother to cope on Mother’s Day.

Surround yourself with birth mothers who are in a similar situation as you. You will be able to have support and you can support other people, too. Whether you are a new birth mother or have been a birth mother for a few years, you are still going to need that support system. Mother’s Day is a very triggering day for many birth mothers. It is a day where you may be very sensitive, and that is okay.

Another great support system is your family and friends that know about what you are going through. Having an outside support system from people who have never been in your situation is helpful because they can be a shoulder to cry on and a wonderful listener. They will be able to give you unbiased support because they’ve never been in the same situation as you.

Here at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we have post-placement counseling, and if you need someone that day, we will be here for you. We don’t ever want you to feel alone because you are not alone. There are so many other birth mothers in your same situation, and we know how challenging this holiday may be for you.

Understand that Mother’s Day will be a Hard Day

You might want to just go about your day like normal, but you have to remember that it can be a hard day. You may be a new birth mother, or this may be your fifth Mother’s Day as a birth mother. It doesn’t matter how long you have been a birth mother, and you may have a hard day. No matter what you are feeling on the holiday, remember that your adoption decision was the best for you and your child. No matter if you are grieving over your adopted child or sad that you can’t get that appreciation from them, depending on the type of adoption you chose or anyone.

Remember that it is just one day, but if you have bad feelings about this day for more than just the one day, that is okay. There will be Mother’s Day commercials, sale signs in front of businesses on your drives to work, and passing conversations about what people want to do for their mother’s on the special holiday. It will be hard to stay away from every mention of Mother’s Day but know that you are not alone.

After Adoption, How Will You Spend Mother’s Day?

No matter how you spend Mother’s Day, remember that you are not alone. Find or create a support group, surround yourself with friends and family who know about your situation. On a really hard day like this, making sure that you are not alone is important, even if that is one friend or family member or another birth mother. Having that support system, large or small, around you will be very beneficial.

Being a birth mother is hard, so coping with a holiday that celebrates mothers all over the country will be difficult. Remember that you are not alone and that there are people who are here for you. The way that you cope with Mother’s Day may be different than another birth mother’s way of coping, and that is completely okay. Whatever you do to help yourself cope on Mother’s Day is valid.

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