ICWA and Placing My Native American Baby Up for Adoption in Colorado

If you are considering putting your baby up for adoption in Colorado, during your research, you may have come across the terms ICWA and the Indian Child Welfare Act. Now, you must be wondering what these terms mean and especially what they mean for your baby. These terms, their meanings, the requirements, and extensive research can be quite stressful. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we want to provide our birth mothers with an adoption process that can be as stress-free as possible. That’s why we try to break down what ICWA can mean for you and your baby as you consider the Colorado adoption process.

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What is the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)?

 Let’s begin by diving into understanding what the Indian Child Welfare Act or ICWA really is. Essentially the Indian Child Welfare Act is intended to promote the stability and security of Native American Tribes and families. The ICWA has set Federal standards that especially serve to protect Native American children. The ICWA does not solely focus on or is intended solely for adoption purposes, but it also provides guidance to States regarding handling child abuse and neglect. But for our purposes, we will be focussing on the adoption aspect.

As a birth mom, you are probably worried about your baby’s unique identity erasure when the baby is placed for adoption. If that’s the case, then don’t worry. The act also keeps in mind that the placement of Native American children by way of ICWA occurs in a way that reflects the unique values of Native American culture.

What are Your Adoption Options in Denver, CO?

At Adoption Choices of Colorado, birth moms are the main focus throughout your entire adoption options Denver, CO. From planning the adoption to the placement of your baby, and even after you’ve placed your baby up for adoption. Adoption Choices of Colorado will be there for you every step of the way.  “But why should I consider putting my baby up for Adoption with Adoption Choices of Colorado?” Well, there are many reasons to consider child adoption in Colorado with our agency!

For starters, we assure that our birth moms are in control of their Colorado adoption plan. When you sit down with one of our compassionate caseworkers, they listen to your needs and requirements and work around them. All you have to do at this stage is remain flexible regarding your decisions, as they can change during and after the adoption process. You should also remain patient and try not to rush during the planning process because such a big decision should be made with ample time to process each decision along the way.

Another great reason to choose us as your Colorado adoption agency are the range of adoptive families. When you are considering adoptive families to place your child with, you’ll be met with a wide range of families to choose from. We work with LGBT couples, single parents, as well as traditional and non-traditional families. You will surely find the perfect family for your baby! Our team has the research and expertise that will help you reach the best decision possible for your baby.

Unable to Decide Whether You Should be Putting Your Baby up for Adoption?

If you are going back and forth on your decision regarding adoption, don’t worry. It’s absolutely normal to consider then re-consider your options and decisions. Adoption Choices of Colorado will never force you to make a certain decision about your baby’s adoption. But something to keep at the back of your mind is the possible reasons one can consider adoption and the benefits of this to your baby.

Reasons to consider putting your baby up for adoption can look like simply not being ready to be a parent. It can also be not wanting to have an abortion or not being able to afford to raise a baby, being too young or old to have a baby, wanting to focus on your education or career, and/or simply not wanting a baby. All of these reasons are absolutely valid reasons to consider adoption. The biggest benefit to your baby as a way of considering adoption is that it will be able to be placed into a welcoming home with a loving and caring family. If birth moms were to keep their children and adoption wasn’t an option, many children would be deprived of the love and care they have found with their adoptive families. Be proud because you, as a birth mom, are providing a better life for your child.

Looking for Adoption Agencies in Colorado?

You’ve found the best one! At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we strive to provide birth moms with the utmost comfortable adoption process. Suppose you look to place your Native American baby up for adoption but are worried about the difficult process. Our adoption agency will be able to guide you through that process efficiently. With our expertise, we would be able to provide your baby with a loving adoptive family by keeping all IWCA requirements in mind. If this sounds like you, then you shouldn’t wait any longer. Contact us today, and we’ll get you started on your adoption journey right away!

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