How to Choose a Colorado Closed Adoption

By Carl Roth

Seeking adoption options for an unplanned pregnancy raises a great many considerations for expectant birth mothers. Along with evaluating adoption agencies in Colorado, you have to address questions about future contact with your child. Whereas an open adoption allows for free contact between birth mother and child, closed adoption keeps your contact information private. Some mothers wish to have a presence in their child’s life post-adoption, but this route is not for everyone. For a number of reasons, you may wish to stay anonymous during and after the adoption process

Adoption Choices of Colorado realizes the sensitivity of each individual birth mother’s situation. We can help you realize an adoption plan that matches your personal desires when placing your baby for adoption.

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What is a Closed Adoption?

When coming up with your adoption plan, there are several important determinations for you to make alongside an adoption expert. One such decision is the choice between an open, semi-open, or closed adoption path. Choosing a closed adoption means that the birth mother avoids contact with the adopting family before and after the adoption. This also means that the adopted child will be unable to contact the birth mother later on. Identity protection is a primary motivator for many birth mothers opting for a closed adoption. It allows for the adoption to transpire with as little visibility as possible with the fewest relational commitments.

Closed adoption is a decision that requires a strong will because you cannot contact your child post-adoption either. Remaining unknown to the adopting family and child can be an incredibly unselfish act that requires great maturity. 

Why Choose a Closed CO Adoption?

A closed adoption appeals to many pregnant birth mothers for an array of reasons. You may not want to be in contact with the adopting family to avoid bringing unwanted attention to yourself. Remaining anonymous throughout the adoption process can help some mothers manage possible feelings of embarrassment stemming from their decision. These intrusive feelings are natural, and wanting to alleviate them as much as possible can lead to choosing closed adoption. Opting to keep distance from the adopting family is an appealing option for birth mothers wanting a clean slate.

You may decide that staying anonymous will make it easier to continue with your own life after this challenging ordeal. The adoption process can take a lot out of you, and having room to progress can be invaluable. Closed adoptions put both the legal and symbolic burden of child care in the hands of the adopting family. Your life can remain yours while your child’s life lies safely and firmly in the hands of a loving family. 

How a Closed Adoption Shows that You Care

Closed adoptions show a particular emphasis on a birth mother’s assessment of her future. Accepting that your child will not be able to get in touch when they are older is an immense choice. However, you may decide that allowing your child to grow up without two families is ultimately best for them. Helping your child avoid a possible identity crisis later in their development is an invaluable factor in closed adoption decisions. You are deciding to put your child in the most stable position for their natural and healthy development. No birth mother wants to feel like a distraction to their child post-adoption, and this route eliminates that concern. 

To place your baby up for adoption is a taxing personal ordeal that can represent a turning point in your life. Many birth mothers see their adoption journey as the beginning of a new chapter. The past may inform your future decisions, and giving yourself space to move forward may be highly beneficial. Closed adoptions provide the legal and symbolic barriers a birth mother is seeking to continue with her life.

Whether it’s turning the page or starting a new life, the closed route takes the adoption out of your future’s equation. Birth mothers seeing the opportunity to leave the past behind, may find closed adoptions to be their best option. By no means do closed adoptions represent a lack of care for their child on the part of birth mothers. The finality involved in a closed adoption shows just how much a mother cares for her child. Based on your personal desires and circumstances, it may be the option that best suits you. 

Finding a closed private adoption in Colorado

Choosing a closed adoption could be one of the most significant decisions in your Colorado adoption plan. With Adoption Choices of Colorado at your side, you won’t need to evaluate these decisions alone. We can provide you with an expert to walk you through every possible scenario in the adoption process. Together, we can find a path that satisfies you and places your child in the hands of a loving family. 

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