How Is A Surrogacy Pregnancy Different Than A Personal Pregnancy?

If you want to become a surrogate, you’re probably wondering if the pregnancy will be different than what you’ve previously experienced. In many ways, surrogacy pregnancies are similar to personal pregnancies. After all, it’s still a pregnancy. You’ll still have doctor visits, morning sickness, a growing baby inside you, and strangers wanting to touch your stomach. Your surrogacy pregnancy should be relatively similar to previous pregnancies you’ve experienced. However, outside of the pregnancy experience itself, there are quite a few differences. 

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate in Colorado, this is a great place to start. Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado is here to help you navigate the surrogacy process and put you at ease throughout the entire journey. Being completely new to surrogacy can be scary and confusing, but we’re here for you. Our compassionate experts are always available to answer any questions and calm all of your concerns.

So you’ve already experienced personal pregnancy, what are the real differences between that and a surrogacy pregnancy? 

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What Will the Surrogacy Process Look Like For Me as a Surrogate?

  • The Pre-Pregnancy Process

In your previous pregnancy or pregnancies, you may not have carefully planned out getting pregnant. The pre-pregnancy process is extremely important in surrogacy pregnancy and lays the foundation work for the surrogacy journey. Aside from the pre-screenings, qualifying, background checks, etc., you have to make sure you’re ready to complete the surrogacy journey. Surrogacy is not a quick thing and requires a real commitment. You will also need to be comfortable communicating and being open with the intended parents. After all, surrogacy is altruistic in a lot of ways. You are becoming a surrogate to help a couple start or grow their family. Understand and be comfortable with your reasons for becoming a surrogate before diving in. 

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Probably the biggest difference in personal and surrogate pregnancy is the use of IVF. The IVF process starts well in advance with medications, injections, and doctor’s appointments prior to the embryo transfer.

You Won’t Be Related to the Baby You’re Carrying

Fertilization happens with eggs that do not belong to the surrogate, so the surrogate mother has no genetic connection to the baby. Many families will use eggs and sperm of their own to be implanted in the surrogate, but sperm or egg donors are also used. It’s almost unheard of for surrogates to use their own eggs since having shared genes can complicate things immensely between the surrogate and intended parents. Even though the surrogate isn’t related to the baby, this doesn’t seem to affect the surrogate. If you’re concerned that this might be uncomfortable for you, talk with your surrogate agency or previous surrogates for some insight. 

You’re Pregnancy is for Someone Else

Unlike previous pregnancies, this one is intended for someone else, and you won’t be bringing the baby home. You’ve given so much time and effort to bring the joy of a little life to an intended family. Surrogacy is one of the most selfless acts and takes a lot of internal strength to make that decision. The intended family brings you the ingredients, you put everything together, bake it, and return the combined elements as a perfect little bun. 

The Mental Differences and Your Emotional Experience throughout the Surrogacy Process

As you might assume, the emotional experience of being a surrogate mother is completely different from preparing to give birth to your own child. Since after you give birth, there’s no wheeling out of the hospital with a baby in your arms. There’s no decorating a nursery, sleepless nights, or breastfeeding. Your postpartum time will be spent healing and moving forward. In many ways, surrogacy pregnancies are easier to heal mentally from than something like adoption. Since you’re acting as the growth vessel for the intended family’s baby, you might find it easy to disconnect yourself. Many surrogates say the mental healing process after giving birth isn’t as bad as they thought. Compared to the hormone-driven roller coaster of emotions you’ll experience during pregnancy, postpartum may seem like a cakewalk. 

That doesn’t mean you won’t experience a lot of sadness or conflicting emotions. This is why it’s critical to take advantage of the postpartum counseling your Colorado surrogacy agency provides. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work in Surrogacy

It takes a village of experts to make surrogacy happen. Alongside your own support system and surrogacy agency, there’s also IVF specialists, reproductive endocrinologist, and a whole team of other experts making the surrogacy process run smoothly. You’ll encounter a lot of people you probably didn’t have for your personal pregnancy and may recruit some you didn’t use before. Many surrogates and intended families find that having a doula makes surrogacy even smoother and enjoyable for everyone, especially if it’s your first surrogacy experience. Be open to all the help that’s being offered to you. 

Are You Ready for Surrogacy?

Surrogacy can be a long and challenging journey, which is why it’s not for everyone. When you become a surrogate, you’ll understand why the surrogacy process is the way it is and why a previous personal pregnancy is necessary. Surrogates are truly special and can be hard to come by. Since the qualifications can be strict and the process is lengthy, not many join the elite group that has successfully been through the surrogacy process. It’s true, surrogacy is quite different from personal pregnancy, but it can be arguably more fulfilling. 

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