How Has Roe v. Wade Changed Adoption in Colorado

By Karlie Harris

A woman should be able to decide what she does with her body. According to the fourth amendment, people have the right to secure their persons and not be violated. There has been a lot of controversy about abortion and adoption for many years. For a long time, Roe v. Wade prevented women from terminating a pregnancy before 23 weeks. This was recently overturned in Colorado, allowing women to terminate their pregnancy early on.

The choice is yours to make, Adoption Choices of Colorado wants to help you with your unplanned pregnancy, and we will guide you through the adoption process. We know adoption can be a long, hard process, but our organization can walk you through it. Our staff can help you at adoption agencies in Colorado, and we have extensive resources for birth parents.

Pregnant and Not in a Good Place to Parent

The Roe v. Wade act was first brought to light in the 1970s, and people have had different opinions since. While this act prevented women from having an abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy, Colorado overturned this law, making it possible for an abortion at any time during their pregnancy. In addition, the government is prohibited from banning the procedure or restricting access to contraceptives any time from now on.

Although Colorado overturned Roe v. Wade, there is still controversy about abortion. As the birth mother it is your choice, but Adoption Choices of Colorado wants to offer an option that does not bring with it the stresses of society and political views. Let us help place your baby with a safe loving family. Parents who apply for adoption go through a rigorous interview process but we are with you through each step of the process.

Adoption Options

Today, you, as a woman, can choose how to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. For some women, pregnancy is not an option, whether you are not ready for a baby, for health reasons, or for more personal reasons. Abortion has been a disputed topic for years, but it is your right to choose. Adoption is one of three options for women who have become pregnant unexpectedly. 

None of these are a replacement for the other. As the birth mother, it is your decision. We have adoption agencies across Colorado with staff that are available to assist you in many ways, including guiding you through an adoption plan. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we can help you find medical assistance and someone to talk to at no cost.

If you are considering adoption, we have trained and licensed staff at our Colorado adoption agencies. You can call or text us at any time. We are available 24/7 with any questions you have about how to give up a baby for adoption. In our agency, we do not judge birth mothers for putting their child up for adoption. We know you love your child and just want the baby to have the best life.

We are the Right American Adoption Agency for You

The case of Roe v. Wade impacted women who became pregnant unexpectedly across the country. In 2022, Colorado overturned Roe v. Wade, making it possible for women to freely decide. While adoption is not a replacement for abortion, and vice versa, we hope you contact Adoption Choices of Colorado. By choosing adoption, you are providing a safe, loving home and family for your child.

Our first priority is the birth mother. We have innumerable resources for you and want to help you with your adoption options. The next priority is finding the right home and parent(s) for your baby. We know you love your baby and want what is best for them, and both birth parents will be involved in the adoption process.

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