How Adoption Can Bring a Fresh Start to the New Year (For All Members of the Adoption Triad)

By Amber Godin

The new year is symbolic for moving forward with embracing positive change. This time is also an opportunity for birth mothers to begin again. The journey of being a birth mother includes personal growth and fulfillment even post-adoption. By taking advantage of the support available to you, you uncover a sense of self-discovery and acceptance. Most of all, a fresh start promotes your healing, knowing that it benefits all members of the adoption triad.

Are you a birth mother considering adoption and want to know your options? Our adoption agency specializes in helping birth mothers gain the knowledge to make their own informed decisions. Contact Adoption Choices of Colorado to learn more through email, phone, or text.

Colorado Adoption Benefits for the Adoption Triad

By learning how the adoption process works, you’ll learn how Colorado adoption benefits the adoption triad. The adoption triad-birth mother, child/adoptee, and adoptive parents are all on their journeys. Best of all, the journey that each member embarks on can lead to a sense of peace and fulfillment. Making adoption with one of our adoption agencies in Colorado, a positive experience for everyone.

Benefits for Birth Mothers Choosing Child Adoption in CO

When you consider child adoption, you’ll first want to learn how the adoption process works, and our available resources. These resources are cost-free to birth mothers who choose adoption in Colorado:

Counseling and Emotional Support. Adoption is not an easy decision and is often full of heavy emotions where you need support and guidance. Birth mothers who are pregnant might be dealing with unplanned pregnancy and feel overwhelmed, not knowing their options. You might also feel unsupported in your considering adoption. Our counseling specializes in providing emotional support through every step of your adoption journey. We help birth mothers prepare for birth, to provide support for the emotional trauma that comes post-placement. Besides private counseling services, we also host monthly support groups for birth mothers. This way you can connect with other birth mothers which can further promote healing and self-acceptance. We encourage you to feel positive about choosing adoption in Colorado. We empower you to feel okay about wanting a fresh start after the adoption process is complete.

 Financial Assistance. Another one of the adoption resources we offer includes having a safe place to stay. Helping birth mothers not worry about expenses is one of the adoption services we offer to you. Besides having a safe place to stay through your pregnancy, we will also help you explore opportunities for education or career advancement. Your future is taken into consideration, which helps birth mothers gain new direction for a fresh start. Our counseling services specialize in helping birth parents (and their families) cope with emotions including grief. We also help birth mothers figure out a new direction in life to build a fulfilling life!

Benefits for Your Child (Adoptee)

There are a lot of myths about how adoptees might feel post-adoption. Fortunately, they are myths for a reason. For example, adoption isn’t the same as abandonment. When you search for how to give up your baby for adoption, it does not mean how to give up on your baby. And it does not mean you don’t love your child. Choosing adoption is a loving, responsible choice that provides many benefits. Plus, you can always choose open or semi-open adoption, where you can still have contact with your child. Here are the benefits of adoption for your child as an adoptee:

Choosing Who Adopts Your Child. When you choose open or semi-open adoption, you browse profiles of waiting families and can choose the adoptive parents. Even if you choose a closed adoption, we choose a match based on your preferences for an adoptive family. All adoptive parents undergo a home study and thorough screening process to ensure financial stability. We ensure that all adoptive parents will provide your child with a safe, loving, and stable forever home.

More Opportunities. Providing your child with a financially secure home is a selfless choice. One where adoptees will have increased odds of personal success when provided a financially or otherwise secure upbringing.

Benefits for Adoptive Parents

They get the addition to their family they desire. The most obvious reason is that adoptive parents get the child they have been wanting. Adoptive parents have their reasons for adopting, but most of all is because they are ready to care for your child.

Opportunity for contact with the birth mother. Adoptive parents get the unique opportunity to expand their family. Providing the level of openness is open or semi-open, it can mean creating a supportive dynamic environment for all.

 Open Adoption is a Choice in Colorado

There are many benefits to choosing adoption in Colorado because birth mothers are in control of their adoption plan. Our adoption agencies in Colorado provide birth mothers options, including a level of openness with the adoptive family. Your caseworker will help you determine a plan and negotiate with adoptive parents. Open adoption means you can have direct contact with the adoptive parents and your child. Adoption in modern days helps break the stigma that adoption means never seeing your child again. It requires cooperation between birth mothers and adoptive parents, but it can prove rewarding as an extended support system. Overall, it helps birth mothers cope with grieving and allows for an ongoing relationship between birth mother and child. Types of contact may mean letters, phone calls, or visits. Your caseworker will help negotiate the terms of contact between birth parents and adoptive parents. Staying connected on some level may contribute to the well-being of the child through open adoption. It is your choice to decide what is in your best interest. Prioritizing self-care and your own well-being is another crucial consideration for a birth mother’s journey.

Adoption in CO Promotes Personal Growth and Healing

 Knowing that while adoption is not necessarily a light decision to make, it is also deeply personal. It is your right and responsibility as a birth mother to make the best decision for your child as well as your own best interests. Maybe you want to pursue education goals or advance your career. Having too much financial strain or lack of support is another valid reason why adoption can be the right decision for you. That is why we provide our free adoption services for birth mothers. These can help birth mothers explore new interests, set goals, and build a fulfilling life.

Our agency helps you explore the benefits and demystify the myths to reveal the facts about adoption in Colorado. This way, adoption can be a positive experience, creating a space for personal growth, and healing for birth mothers. Most of all, you gain a sense of peace and fulfillment with your journey. Knowing with confidence that adoption can be a positive experience for all members of the adoption triad. Most of all, it signifies a new beginning for a new year!

If you’re facing a pregnancy crisis or just want to learn more about adoption. Let us help you explore adoption as your best option, in providing both you and your baby with a new beginning for a positive outcome. Adoption Choices in Colorado has the tools to equip you for the journey. 

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