Hospital Plan for Birth Mothers Before Adoption in Colorado

As a birth mother, your pregnancy and adoption journey may be one that is filled with any questions you may have and decisions for you to make, when giving up your child for adoption. In the midst of this, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This is when hospital plans for birth mothers just like you come in very handy! You may be wondering, “what kind of details can a birth plan help me figure out?” Adoption Choices of Colorado has put together a few questions that might be beneficial to consider for your hospital plan.

What kind of birth do you want to have?

Determining the type of birth you want is an important step in creating your ideal adoption plan. The two options you can choose from are either a natural birth or a C-section. It’s important to include your doctor in this decision, as there may be factors in each that might be important to know. Another aspect to consider regarding your birth is whether or not you want to use pain medications during your birth. Ultimately these decisions are yours to make as the birth mother.

Who do you want with you during your birth? 

Pregnancy is a long and sometimes difficult journey. Sometimes there are people in your life who steps up to the plate to support you during your pregnancy. These people eventually become your support system. Take a moment to think about the people who are a part of your support system. Now, take a moment to consider if you want them to be there with you during the birth process as well? Maybe you want a significant other, a parent, or a friend to be with you in the delivery room. The choice is yours. You get to do whatever will make you feel most comfortable during your birth.

How involved do you want the adoptive parents to be?

In the adoption process in Colorado, there are certain occasions where the adoptive parents will be in the picture. There are also certain moments where you can choose for them to be included. Having the adoptive parents at your birth is definitely one of those instances where you, as the birth mother, have the ability to choose. You can decide on the level of involvement that the adoptive parents will have when it comes time to give birth. This could be having the adoptive parents with you in the hospital room, or you may only want them to be there after delivery. Whatever your preferences are, be sure to voice your wishes and expectations to your Denver adoption counselor.

Do you want pictures with your baby or any mementos?

Giving birth is a very special moment. This may be a time in your life that you want to remember forever. This would be a great aspect to include in your hospital plan. As a birth mother, you are a part of such a special journey. Maybe you want to remember the adoptive parents and what it was like when they held your birth child for the very first time. Perhaps you want a special picture or memento of your birth and holding your birth child for the first time. Having a keepsake of that special day is a sweet thought to add to your hospital plan. 

Creating your birth plan at Adoption Choices of Colorado 

There may be more questions you have or other aspects of your birth plan that you may still be considering. No need to worry about that! At our adoption agencies in Colorado, our goal is to help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and adoption process. We have many resources to help you create your ideal birth mother hospital plan. Reach out today to see how we can help.

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