Homeless, Pregnant, Abused and Choosing Adoption

By Kara Villarreal

If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy in Colorado, you may be looking into gaining more information about adoption. If adoption is being considered in your situation it is important to be informed about the types of adoption in Colorado, what an adoption plan would look like, how the adoption plan will be taken into effect, and even the rights and resources available to birth parents. 

There may be different and difficult circumstances that may have led to various questions, however at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we are here as a resource or even just to answer any questions that may come up when considering adoption. If you are in a difficult situation please utilize resources that you know will produce a better future. 

What is the Adoption Process in Denver?

The first step when considering adoption in Colorado is understanding the adoption process. First is choosing the type of adoption and how it relates to the type of future you want to have. There are three types including:

  • an open adoption, meaning both the birth parents and adoptive parents know each other and there is active communication. A semi-open adoption is limited communication, it can be through the agency or not, however this includes photos and updates.
  • a closed adoption in which there is no communication. 

In the adoption process you are given the choice of which type you feel the most comfortable with. 

Choosing a Colorado Adoptive Family

Another big step is the ability to choose the adoptive parents which may be the most important choice in this process. Adoption Choices of Colorado allows you to view adoptive parent profiles and even can be a communicative outlet. You have the choice of what type of family you would like to be the adoptive parents which can range from religion, state, and family life. 

Local Adoption Agencies Near me in Denver

If you are searching for local adoption agencies make sure you find one that makes you feel comfortable with asking difficult questions. When looking to create your adoption plan, it is important to recognize that you are the one in control. Make sure when you are considering this that you are prioritizing what is best for you and the baby. Whether that is finding aids that can help you financially and emotionally or the adoptive parents and birth plans. Consider the impact the choices you make can have on a possible selfless decision. 

Adoption Resources in Colorado

If you are faced with difficult situations where assistance is necessary, Adoption Choices of Colorado can be a great resource. Resources can include and are not limited to financial assistance, housing, medical appointments and expenses, counseling for the birth parents, and assistance with the creation of birth plans. If you are needing financial assistance in this process, Adoption Choices of Colorado can advise and connect you with certain loans and grants you may be eligible for. 

Financial assistance can range from grocery to transportation. Medical necessities are vital for your health and the future childs. Adoption Choices of Colorado can connect you agency physicians or even assist with scheduling if you do have a primary doctor of choice. Counseling and mental health tends to be a necessity during pregnancy and often after, along with giving a baby up for adoption

Through state regulated agencies like Adoption Choices of Colorado, you have the right to utilize free sessions that can include one on one or even group. All these resources can be met in the areas that are most needed, these are available to help make this choice and process easier for you and even safer for the birth mother and future child. 

Choosing Adoption to Place My Baby 

Being in an already difficult scenario doesn’t make considering adoption any easier, in fact it makes it harder. Adoption Choices of Colorado can be a resource in general if you are just looking for answers. Be sure if you are considering this, that you take into account how it affects the journey of a safe future. It is important to keep in mind that the factors that are vital is the ability to make the choice, initially. 

There are resources available to help provide the proper steps to take when looking into adoption. Keeping in mind that the assistance is available to you when necessary or needed. Most importantly, looking for the best interest of both the birth parents and the child. You have the ability to provide a loving family and safe future for your child. Once again, you are the only one who should have control in this decision, so trust your impulse. 

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado. Email Us or Text us at 720-371-1099. Call us: at 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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