History of Adoption and Statistics 

Thinking about giving up your baby for adoption is terrifying. This fear leaves you thinking that adoption isn’t normal. You’re saying to yourself, “What will my friends and family think of me if I give up my baby for adoption? What will my baby think in the future?” You are flooded with many confusing emotions.We are here to put your mind at ease and tell you a comforting fact: adoption has been around since the beginning of humanity. As far back as we can remember, mothers have been giving their children to better suitors for parenting. People have been taking in orphaned children before we had unique words, agencies, and laws around adoption. You are certainly not the first woman to consider adoption, and as long as there are pregnancies, there will be millions of women after you who will choose adoption. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we want you to know there is a long history of adoption and help put your mind at ease. Let us ensure the best interests of you and your baby and build your personal adoption plan. 

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Pregnant Adoption Help

You can’t believe that you are pregnant. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time. You certainly did not have this in your plans, and now you are looking for help. We are here to help you make the best possible decision for you and your baby. An adoption is an option. Whether you are still pregnant or have just given birth, we will connect you with our helpful representatives who are committed to creating the best plan possible if you are thinking of giving up your child for adoption. We can help you:

  • Find the adoptive parents for your child that meet your standards
  • Create an adoption and birth plan
  • Find affordable healthcare 
  • Get access to a safe, clean shelter
  • Receive phone service
  • Find financial assistance 

Finding local adoption agencies and choices is easier than ever before. A lot of your concerns around adoption could be stemming from the common knowledge we have of how child welfare laws in our nation’s past were not highly monitored. In The US, the first known adoption took place in the 1800s, followed by a long history of orphan trains that would pick up children in the east and drive them to new expecting parents in the west and south. Local churches and adoption agencies took in children all of the time, and this was the precursor for the adoption services and child welfare laws that we have today. Today we have systems, laws, and safety in place from decades of child welfare court rulings and civil rights advocacy for children. Because of advocacy and improved quality of life, by the 1970s, adoption became common amongst everyday Americans looking to expand their families and is more common than you think.

Further back to American-based adoption, in the first century A.D. Europe, it was common knowledge and commonplace for widows to adopt baby boys from birth mothers to have an heir to family wealth and continue the family name. In ancient Egypt, it too was common for wives to adopt orphaned children and babies. They would rename them and teach them family customs. 

Adoption has always been commonplace. As a matter of fact, birth mothers seeking public or private adoption services is so normal that all of your favorite superheroes, ancient philosophers, and religious story prophets were either infant adoptees or adopted child orphans. Every few minutes, a baby is born. And for every baby that is born, another one is conceived. This is a guarantee that someone somewhere is having the same thoughts as you, like, “ Am I pregnant?” or “ Will there be any good people willing to adopt my child?” Don’t panic. Breathe in out slowly. Allow your body to find relax and calm. Things can and will get easier. We will help make it so. 

Giving Up Your Baby for Adoption

You may see several statistics on the over 100,000 children being adopted in the US every year. But half of these children come from foster care, several come from overseas, and the remainder are adopted within families. The rarest yet most sought-after adoption is private infant adoption, even in Colorado adoption statistics. There are many hopeful adoptive parents who desire nothing more than to adopt a baby, but most children who become eligible for adoption get into foster care as a result of their birth parents is deemed unfit by the courts and taken into custody by the state several years into their lives. Many, if not all of these children would have never had to deal with foster care had their parents had access to services like our adoption agency in Colorado. We would’ve given their birth mother an adoption plan to avoid the child’s pain of foster care and displacement in the future. You can easily see that many children in foster care came from families where the birth mother simply could not find unplanned pregnancy options, and that is why we have created this organization. We can reduce that crisis, one child at a time. 

Private Adoption Agency

Pregnancy has happened, but it does not have to decide your future. You can still be in control of your own destiny. There are choices out there for you if you are choosing not to abort. You don’t have to remain a parent. You’re not obligated to give up on the life and goals you imagined for yourself. Adoption is an option. Many have chosen adoption before you. There is nothing wrong with giving your baby a more promising future and a family that is looking forward to parenting right now. Whether you are facing teen pregnancy or you are middle-aged, you deserve options. So, give yourself the freedom of choice. You deserve to be happy. Contact us here at our adoption agency in Colorado 24/7, and one of our dedicated staff will be eager to assist you in getting started on your adoption journey. Let us help you begin to put the pieces of your life back together again. You deserve it.

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