Thinking of my options due to an unplanned pregnancy, I came to the adoption journey scared, feeling alone, and no where to turn. After talking to and meeting with Christy, my fears and uncertainty seems to disappear. She reassured me that the adoption plan could be anything I wanted, that this was my baby and I could choose what I wanted. I never felt judged or that anyone would be upset with me if I decided to parent my child. After several months of working with Christy, my daughter was born and I got to meet the family that I had picked.

The family couldn’t have been a better fit for my daughter, and I could see that they truly loved her from the moment they saw her! I feel great comfort in knowing that I receive pictures and letters from the family and get to watch her grow from a distance. I have never regretted my decision and can’t imagine choosing any other option.

Thank you so much to Adoption Choices of Colorado for helping me turn my life around and help me and my daughter find the right family

Gracie & Mike

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