Giving Up a Baby For Adoption Without Being a US Citizen 

Finding out you’ve become pregnant unexpectedly can be a terrifying circumstance for a woman. Often this realization will elicit many thoughts, concerns, and feelings about your pregnancy. Many questions may arise, like: What do I do now? Can I support a child? And what are all my options? These concerns are completely normal and have relatively simple answers. However, if you are a non-US citizen, these concerns will likely multiply. The first question many women lacking US citizenship and undergoing an unexpected pregnancy ask is: Can I place my child up for adoption in Denver? Adoption Choices of Colorado aims to answer all your questions and ease all your concerns as you consider adoption or choose adoption with us. We understand that every expectant mother has their own specific circumstances that will ultimately determine the choice they make and what their adoption process may be like. Our goal is to provide you with empathetic and knowledgeable support in this potentially difficult time. In this article, we will answer a few of your questions to help you understand your adoption options and make your decision. 

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Can I Place My Child Up For Adoption If I Am An Immigrant? 

It is important, and potentially a relief, to know that you can place your child for adoption regardless of your citizenship status. Any child born within the United States automatically becomes a US citizen, even if their birth parents are not. Because of this, you can take solace in the fact that you will be given the same resources and support that a US citizen would during their adoption process.  

If I Am Undocumented, Do I Risk Deportation By Choosing Adoption? 

If you are an undocumented immigrant living in the United States, then fear of being deported if you choose adoption is completely valid. It is important to know that your personal information is kept private when you choose adoption. But again, to not provide any guarantees, you must do your research and choose a reputable Colorado adoption agency to be sure your information is not shared. If you were to choose Adoption Choices of Colorado,  you would be putting your trust in the hands of one of the leaders in the Colorado adoption community. Our goal is always to ensure the successful placement of your child.  

Is Adoption Still An Option If My Child Was Born Outside The US? 

While this is, of course, a legitimate question, the simple answer is no. Unfortunately, most local adoption agencies specialize in domestic adoptions, so your child must be a US citizen to be placed for adoption. That being said, expectant birth mothers can still choose to reach out to a reputable adoption agency in Colorado and voice their concerns so as to be directed to specialists who may be able to provide you with the resources you need. 

Is Placing My Child Up For Adoption The Right Choice For Me? 

First and foremost, no one can answer this question but you. Becoming pregnant unexpectedly as an undocumented immigrant can pose some challenges, so consider all your options. Should you choose adoption, an adoption specialist will work with you to craft an adoption plan that works for you. This will take into account all of your concerns so as to make your adoption process as smooth as possible. That being said, as an undocumented immigrant, there is always the practical concern about being deported. As such, it is wise to consider the benefits of adoption because deportation may mean having your child deported alongside you. Placing a child for adoption means giving your child a loving family who can support them and provide them with certain opportunities. Seeing as your child would be a US citizen, this would be a way to give your child a sense of security you may not have.  

Choosing Adoption Without Being a US Citizen 

Adoption Choices of Colorado is dedicated to the successful placement of your child. Our adoption specialists can provide the resources and emotional support that you will need throughout your adoption process. Choosing us means choosing a team of professionals who have had experience in this field since 2002. Birth mothers who choose us can trust that they are in safe hands from beginning to end.  

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