As a birth mother, the decision to choose adoption is not an easy one to make on your own. There are many factors to consider and pieces to fall into place. Especially when it comes to finances. Keeping yourself healthy and taken care of when money is hard to come by is an enormous challenge. So, it’s natural to feel anxious when wanting to place your baby for adoption and not being able to cover all the necessary expenses.

But we have good news for you! As an agency, Adoption Choices of Colorado understands how important health and safety is, so we are here to support you. We want to help you customize an adoption plan that you are 100% comfortable with, and know that your needs will be covered. Making a plan for adoption, counseling and legal representation all come at no cost to you. With regards to the money aspect, you are in good hands. We offer resources and financial assistance for birth mothers placing her baby for adoption.

Financial Assistance

It’s important to note that when we say we provide financial assistance for birth mothers placing her baby for adoption, we do not mean that we pay pregnant women to place through us. The decision to work with our agency is completely up to you. We are happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you have as you consider if adoption is the right choice for you and your baby, but we do not sway you one direction or the other. You have full control over whether you proceed or not with your adoption journey.

As aforementioned, placing your baby for adoption is free. However, there are adoption-related costs that accrue throughout your pregnancy and placement. Our agency provides financial assistance with court-approved expenses. The adoptive family covers qualifying expenditures as well. Depending on where you live, the state laws depicting what’s “court-approved” may vary, but the following items are the most common:

  • Pregnancy-related medical and hospital costs
  • Temporary living funds during pregnancy
  • Travel costs, meals and sleeping accommodations for court appearance(s)
  • Educational expenses
  • All fees and agency-related expenses

To learn more about what you are eligible for, be sure to consult with your adoption professional. All financial requirements are assessed at the beginning of your adoption journey and given on an as needed basis.

Medical Care

Adoption Choices of Colorado can assist in getting your medical expenses covered. That is, those that are a direct result of your pregnancy and delivery. Your assigned caseworker will make sure that you receive a tour of the hospital where you’ll give birth if need be, and help you find and schedule your prenatal appointments. Another medical resource offered through our agency is a Lamaze/Birthing Education Coach, who can instruct you in private classes to make sure you are comfortable and ready for labor and delivery.

Any financial portion through private insurance or state funding will be taken care of by the adoptive parents. If you do have any kind of insurance, be sure to discuss this with your adoption professional and learn about your possible options. You may qualify for coverage through Medicaid.

Housing & Transport

When it comes to housing and transportation, Adoption Choices of Colorado offers financial assistance for birth mothers placing her baby for adoption in this area as well. We want you to feel safe and secure in your living situation throughout your pregnancy, so we can provide temporary housing and shelter for you and your baby as needed. In addition, our agency and the adoptive family can pay for the following expenses:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Phone bill
  • Trips to the grocery store or work

Your assigned caseworker will ensure your transportation to and from your doctor’s appointments, pharmacy for prescriptions and legal representation appointments. If you want to apply for Medicaid, food stamps or employment, they can help with that also. A bus pass can be an option, so if you are interested in that, be sure to talk to your caseworker about this.

Post Placement Support

After the baby has been born and the adoption has been finalized, we understand how difficult it can be to get back on your feet. You may encounter emotions of grief and loss. Adoption Choices of Colorado has partnered with Lifetime Healing, LLC to provide Post Placement Support Groups for you during the challenging times. Meetings are held on a monthly basis in Golden, CO on the first Thursday of each month and in Colorado Springs, CO on the second Tuesday of each month.

These meetings offer a safe and healthy environment for you to tell your story and grieve with other birth mothers who have walked similar journeys. You will get the honor of meeting other mothers who have placed at all different times in their lives — from 3 weeks to 25 years! The gatherings are run by Ashley Mitchell, a birth mother herself.

Financial Assistance for Birth Mothers

If you are ever in need of other resources, be sure to check out the additional adoption assistance we offer birth mothers. We don’t want you to stress about money, which is why we offer financial assistance for birth mothers placing her baby for adoption. Finances should never stand between you and your baby’s best chance at life.

For more information, or if you have any questions or concerns about your particular circumstance, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

Adoption Choices of Colorado

For more information on adoption please contact Adoption Choices of Colorado. We can be reached via our website or phone 303-670-4401.

Support Adoption Choices

CrowdriseAdoption Choices, Inc. is partnering with Crowdrise, a fundraising website for nonprofits, to help our adoptive parents and birth parents with much needed financial assistance. We understand that expenses keep clients from fulfilling their dreams. Both with birth parents making a plan for adoption, and with adoptive parents growing their family. It is our mission to provide financial assistance through grants and scholarships, awarded annually in November, in honor of National Adoption Month. Funds assist adoptive parents with matching and placements, adoption finalization and helping birth mothers improve their lives through higher education — and much more.

However, we can’t do it alone. Please read up on our programs and donate money where you are able. Your donation will make a huge impact.

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