5 Fears Birth Mothers Have About Open Adoption in Colorado

By Sadie Fidler

Feeling uneasy about placing your newborn baby up for adoption? Worried about how your child will do in their new adoptive home? With an open adoption, as the birth mother, the line of communication between you and the adoptive family is open. Your identity is known to your child and the adoptive family. The relationship between you and your child can look any way you want it to. However, with this freedom of communication, many birth mothers experience anxiety when it comes to open adoption.

During the adoption process, it is completely normal to have fears about the future of your child. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we understand this and hope to answer all of your questions about open adoption. To help with this, here is a list of common fears birth mothers experience when considering open adoption in Colorado:

1. Will My Child Think I’m a Bad Mother for Choosing Adoption?

Many misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding adoption stem from a narrow perspective that fails to consider each birth mother’s unique situation. This leads to an increased stigma around adoption, which can make many birth mothers feel ashamed and guilty for giving their baby up for adoption. It can leave many worried that their child will resent them for placing them up for adoption.

Open adoption acts as a solution to this common fear. It allows for you to stay in touch with your child while they are being raised by another family. You may not be able to raise a child at the point you are at in your life right now. Recognizing that is a very important and selfless step in the adoption process. Having the ability to communicate this with your child will help your child know you have the best intentions.

2. I’m Worried My Child Will Not Like the Adoptive Family.

While no one can use a crystal ball to predict the future for sure, this is not something that you need to worry about. At our Colorado adoption agencies, adoptive families go through extensive background checks. Our adoption specialists spend a lot of time getting to know each family to assist in finding the best match for your child. The families we work with are eager to open their homes to children. 

A large part of the adoptive family selection process is dependent on what you envision your child growing up with. You are the primary decision-maker in this process. We want to match your child with a family that you are confident will provide the best care. 

3. Will My Child Be Confused About Their Identity in the Future?

Because your child will be raised by parents who are not their birth parents, it is to be expected that questions will arise. In an open adoption, communication is key and will help to alleviate identity confusion. You can even work with the adoptive family to come up with a plan on how to educate your child on their biological background. 

4. What if the Adoptive Parents Do Not Want a Relationship with Me?

One common fear for birth mothers is that the adoptive family will disappear after the birth. Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be isolating and the thought of losing contact with your child can be terrifying. However, during the adoption process, you are in control of choosing a family for your child. In your adoption plan, you have the opportunity to outline a plan of communication for after your child is born. Adoption plans are completely customizable at our Colorado adoption agencies. 

5. I’m Worried I Will Have a Hard Time Moving On Emotionally.

It’s a common misconception that birth mothers can easily move on after giving their baby up for adoption. In reality, the process involves significant stress and emotionally complex situations. From pregnancy to birth and adoption coordination, birth mothers experience a range of emotions, including guilt and grief. These feelings can create emotional strain and challenges in their daily lives. 

At Adoption Choices of Colorado, our team of adoption professionals is dedicated to providing the best possible support for birth mothers. We recognize the intricacies of adoption and offer various services to assist you. From financial aid to free counseling, we are here to help. Additionally, we provide resources to ensure proper prenatal and birth care. Our goal is to make the adoption process and transition as smooth and stress-free as we can for you. 

Our assistance does not stop there, though. We understand the transition from birth to after birth can be an overwhelming experience. Because of this, we offer additional free counseling and resources to aid you in this time of transition.

Open Adoption with Adoption Choices of Colorado

Adoption is a completely individualized process that requires reassurance and attention to detail. Open adoption allows for a continued relationship with your child. If you are interested in learning more about open adoption in Colorado, please reach out to Adoption Choices of Colorado.

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