Can I Have a Family After Placing a Baby for Adoption?

By Kaitlyn Chrisemer

Adoption is one of the main options for women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant and aren’t ready for a family. If you aren’t ready to raise a child when you find out you’re pregnant, adoption may be the path for you. However, many women struggle with guilt when placing their baby for adoption – especially if they eventually want a family. 

Many women who consider adoption during an unplanned pregnancy want kids, but not at this point in their lives. A lot of these women aren’t ready to have a family but would like one later in life. This can cause some women to feel guilty for placing their child for adoption once they get older. When a woman who placed a child for adoption begins to consider having a family, feelings of guilt may arise. We at Adoption Choices of Colorado are here to help you throughout your adoption journey.

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Adoption Guilt

If you feel guilty about placing a baby for adoption, don’t worry. Your feelings are normal. Throughout pregnancy and the adoption process, you’ll likely experience many emotions. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we have counselors who can help you at any point in your journey. They can help you work through your feelings and begin moving on after adoption finalization. 

Our adoption agencies want to take care of you and your needs throughout this difficult time. We want to make sure you remember why you chose adoption and felt it was the best option. Although negative feelings are common after placing your baby up for adoption, we want to help you overcome these emotions. You shouldn’t feel held back from anything because of this decision. 

You may feel like you gave up on your child when you placed them for adoption, but that’s not the case. By adopting out your baby, you let them be loved and cared for in a way you weren’t ready to do. You gave them a good life when you knew you wouldn’t have been able to provide them with one yourself. Placing a baby for adoption is a selfless, caring act on the part of the birth mother. Choosing adoption is not giving up, and it does not mean you can’t have kids in the future.

How Can I Have a Family After Adoption?

If you feel like you can’t have a family of your own after placing your child for adoption, reach out to us. Post-adoption counseling is available for private adoptions in Colorado. We want to make sure that you are content and comfortable with your CO adoption

You may not have been ready for kids when you chose adoption. However, that doesn’t mean you can never have a family. Remember that circumstances can change over time. Just because you weren’t ready then doesn’t mean you never will be. 

Placing a baby for adoption is difficult and takes a lot of strength. Knowing that you aren’t ready to raise a child takes a lot of self-awareness and compassion. However, placing your child for adoption allows them to have a better life than you could’ve given them. If later in life you feel able to raise a child of your own, don’t let guilt from your past stop you. 

Moving On After Adoption

Contact us if you’re experiencing difficulty moving on after placing your baby for adoption. We have private adoption agencies throughout Colorado with resources to help. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, our agencies and counselors want to help with your adoption journey no matter where you are in it. If you’re considering adoption and need information, we’d be happy to talk to you. If you want to make an adoption plan, we can help guide you as you make these important decisions. Even if you have finalized the adoption and need help moving on, we can help. 

During this difficult and emotional time, it’s important to remember why you chose adoption. If you believe adoption is the best path for you and the child, don’t let yourself feel bad about this decision. You should never feel bad or guilty for doing your best. In the future, you may feel that you’re ready to raise a child. Don’t doubt yourself because you previously decided to place a child for adoption. Mothers who place a child for adoption can still be wonderful parents later in life. 

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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