Giving Up Your Baby for Adoption: Is the Department of Child Safety or the State Unpleasantly Involved in Your Life?

By Imani Agbionu

A child’s safety is important in any case. They deserve to grow and be loved all their life. That is why the Department of Child Safety exists. Your child should have the best care they can afford. Unfortunately, you are not ready to commit to such at this time. As an adoption agency in Colorado, we never judge a mother about the addictions she faces: drugs, alcohol, food, or more. That is why it is called an addiction, and it is hard to resist staying away from such an addiction. Before becoming pregnant again, you faced hardships and had your child or children removed from the home they once lived in with you.
Now pregnant again, you are going to have this child taken from you right after birth because the court has deemed you an unfit mother. Everything at this point is out of your hands, and the court system is in charge of where your baby goes. You are just carrying the child at this point. But, deep down, you are not ready to parent another child, so you understand the Department of Child Safety (DCS) intentions. Though you still want to have your rights in relation to your own child.

That is when you come to us, Adoption Choices of Colorado. We are a private adoption agency located in Colorado. With specific agencies located in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, we serve birth mothers seeking adoption and others seeking to adopt a child. If you are a mother facing legal issues pertaining to your child and DCS, we can assist you as well. 

Is there a way I can avoid my unborn baby being put in foster care by DCS? 

Absolutely there is a way which is adoption. Many couples struggle each year to conceive a child due to infertility from the wife or husband. To add, many people want to adopt in order to give a child a better life or because pregnancy is a process that involves a lot from the mother. That can harm her circumstances, such as work or much more, which causes her to want to adopt. There are many reasons why people want to adopt due to different scenarios in their lives. Instead of letting DCS take control of your entire pregnancy, you can put your baby up for adoption, which secures you to have more rights.

If you don’t know, adoption is a legal process when a child is put in the care of a couple of people that will then raise them. The child will be raised as their own and shall call them “mom” and “dad.” It is a beautiful system that helps children every year to avoid being put into the foster care system, which is filled with a large number of children. Instead, if you put your baby up for adoption, not only will you possess more rights as the birth mother, but you are giving your child a better life. Also, you are building a family and granting another child’s wish. 

Also, if you do choose adoption, DCS does not have the legal right to remove the child from you. At our adoption agency, every choice is that of the birth mother, which means, as we said during your adoption, the choice is precisely yours. Choosing the form of adoption: open, semi-closed, and closed adoption. Apart from that, you are able to choose the adoptive family you would like to raise your baby with based on the parent profiles we provide you with. 

I am an addict and putting my unborn child up for adoption. How can I stay sober during my pregnancy? 

Addiction is a hard system to fight, which is why if you decide to utilize our services, we won’t judge you for such. But, keeping the baby you are pregnant with healthy is extremely important, and as you may know, drugs and alcohol are toxic to not only you but your baby. That is why we offer therapy in reference to fighting addiction. It is free of charge, and you will not have to pay at all for such. Please take this into account to end your addiction and become sober during and after your pregnancy. 

Using drugs or drinking alcohol can cause many birth defects that affect your baby after birth. They can be born prematurely, which affects the babies oxygen, nutrition, and more. To add on, if you receive a drug test after the baby is born, and it comes out positive, a social worker will arrive and remove your baby immediately. Adoption is great because you know your addiction controls your life, and you don’t want that for your baby. Also, if they remove your baby, they will be put in the system, whereas with adoption, they will be placed with a loving family. 

If You Are Looking to GiveYour Baby With a Better Life, Come To Us 

Adoption in Colorado is a lengthy process that can be stressful but fulfilling simultaneously. If you are dealing with DCS and would like to make sure your baby can be put into a secure home with more rights, Adoption Choices of Colorado can help you. We are available 24/7, which means you contact us anytime: call, text, or portal. We will respond as soon as possible!

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