What is the difference between Expectant Mother, Birth Mother, and Adoptive Mother in a CO Adoption?

By Kelly Paczkowski

When deciding on placing your baby for adoption, you may come across some new terminology that might be confusing. The adoption process in and of itself can be a mix of emotions, and having terms used that you do not fully understand can make it seem complicated. That is where your adoption agency in Colorado can help to explain and make it as simple as possible.

The terms expectant mother and birth mother will be used a lot during the adoption process. But, while they may seem similar, there are differences between them?

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What is a Birth Mother?

A Birth Mother in an adoption process means that she is the woman who has given birth to a baby. She has already decided to place her child for adoption and might be working already on her adoption plan. While the Birth Mother has decided to place her child for adoption, that does not make her any less of a mother. On the contrary, she plays a vital role in the adoption process and, based on the level of communication, can help maintain a connection to a child.  

What is an Expectant Mother?

On the other hand, An Expectant Mother is a woman who is pregnant. She may not have completely decided whether to place her child for adoption yet or raise the child. But, she is the pregnant woman who has a decision to make. There are a lot of emotions that can come up when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Becoming well informed on every aspect of the adoption process can make it seem less scary. That is where an adoption agency in Colorado can provide answers to your questions and help make the best decision for you and your baby.

What is an Adoptive Mother?

Another important part of the mother triad is the adoptive mother. An Adoptive Mother is a person who is receiving legal custody of the child and will raise them with love. She will be responsible for caring for, feeding, and nurturing the child. She will raise the child on their own.  

While it is important to note that these are separate entities in a Denver adoption process, they each play a big role in the child’s life. It will all depend on how the Birth Mother chooses the layout of the adoption plan. This will determine the amount of contact between the Birth Mother and Adoptive Family.

What Are the Types of Adoption?

There are three types of adoption:

  • Open is where there is ongoing communication and contact between the Birth Mother and Adoptive Mother. That can be having visits with the child and having access to contact with a Birth Mother.
  • Semi-Open is an adoption that will not have as much contact. That might look like pictures and letters being sent instead of in-person visits. 
  • Closed is where there is no contact between the Birth Mother and the Adopted Mother. There are no visits, communication, or letters sent. It is just that – closed.

Every situation and adoption process is unique. There is no right or wrong way to raise a child, and it is okay to choose any one of the adoption types. However, it has to be the best solution for you.

Building Relationships Throughout the Adoption

It can seem like an Expectant Mother, Birth Mother, or Adoptive Mother may have feelings of inadequacy, but the truth is, each plays a role in the outcome of a child. There can be beautiful relationships between a Birth Mother and an Adoptive Mother. This can only harbor and fuel a child’s love, and who wouldn’t want their child to have more love?  

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You can visit us at the Adoption Choices of Colorado website. You can even call, text, or email. Our adoption specialists are waiting to connect with you and can give you the education you need to make a well-informed decision.

Adoption is not an easy way out or an easy choice. However, it can be a wonderful option and provide you and your baby with the most out of life.  

No matter which of these mothers you are, Expectant, Birth, or Adoptive 

Happy Mother’s Day!

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