Unplanned pregnancy. A very frightening and stressful discovery. So much to think about. To consider. What is the best choice –  parenting, termination or adoption? It’s hard to function under the extreme pressure. Life suddenly seems out of control and overwhelming. But, if you choose adoption for you and your baby, there’s good news! Creating your adoption plan is something you have complete control over.

Adoption Choices of Colorado, a full service and nonprofit adoption agency, will happily assist you in any way possible. We promise an empowering and positive experience, and that you will be treated with the utmost respect. Our qualified and highly-trained staff is ready to address any questions or concerns you have and help you get started on your adoption journey.

Here are our best practices for customizing your adoption plan into something that will last a lifetime.

1. Start with Research

As with so many other things, you’ll want to do your research before getting too deep into creating your adoption plan. Especially as you are keeping your baby’s best interests at heart. It’s very important to select an adoption agency and professional who truly cares for your well-being and that of your baby’s.

Don’t forget to make notes as you search, so you can keep track of the agencies and professionals who stand out to you. Write down their web addresses, phone numbers and any other contact info listed for when you’re ready to make a final choice.

2. Decide What You Want in an Adoptive Family

What kind of adoptive family are you hoping your baby will have? Are there any particular values, religions or lifestyles you want him or her to grow up in? Do you prefer a family with pets? Other children? First-time parents? Same-sex couples? Single parents?

With all of these questions – as well as others – you’ll want them answered as you move forward in creating your adoption plan. Once you’ve decided on which adoption agency you want to work with, you will be assigned an adoption professional who can help you determine your requirements and wishes for your baby’s adoptive family. They are great resources, so be sure to ask them any and all questions you have. Even ask them to highlight any other details you feel you should be aware of.

3. Search Through Profile Books

List complete, your adoption professional will present you with several prospective adoptive parent options based on your criteria. These will be illustrated through profile books that the hopeful adoptive parents have previously put together and submitted to the agency. Through pictures and carefully composed paragraphs, you’ll be able to learn what each family is like and catch a glimpse of the potential life your baby could have with them. Remember not to rush. This is a crucial step in creating your adoption plan.

If you and the adoptive parents both agree to an open adoption agreement, you have the option of arranging a phone call once you are matched with the family, but it’s not a must. From there, you can meet the adoptive parents in person to establish a relationship before your baby is born if you’d like as well. The choice is completely up to you.

4. Prepare Yourself

Before you meet with the adoptive parents you select – whether over the phone or face-to-face – it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. Listen to your instinct, too. It’s imperative that you select someone who you feel comfortable placing your baby with. If you get a good vibe and feel confident as you get to know them, then take that as a good sign.

5. Learn and Grow Together

Selecting the adoptive parents that your child will be placed with is a major milestone when creating your adoption plan! Value every moment you have getting to know them before your baby arrives. Get to know them the best you can. Make sure that you all work out how things will look moving forward. How involved you will be in your child’s life, and what the first few months post birth and adoption finalization will be like. Communicate your hospital plan to the adoptive parents as well. Discuss whether or not they’ll be in the delivery room with you, who will cut the umbilical cord, and who will be the first to hold him or her.

Determining all these details ahead of time will greatly help ensure everyone’s happiness, safety and health when emotions are high. However, these plans do not need to be set in stone. If you want to change something last minute in the hospital or during the delivery process, that’s perfectly fine. Your adoption professional will be there to support you no matter what and will handle any necessary communications. You don’t need to worry about a thing!

Creating Your Adoption Plan

Your adoption journey is a lifelong decision. Don’t rush the process. Even if you decide to place your baby for adoption late in your pregnancy or after delivery. Take your time. Creating your adoption plan is a unique process. From the level of openness to what you look for in a prospective family. But that’s ok. The most important thing for you to keep in mind is what you feel is best for you and your baby. Adoption Choices of Colorado will take it from there.

Adoption Choices of Colorado

For more information on adoption please contact Adoption Choices of Colorado. We can be reached via our website or phone 303-670-4401.

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“How Do I Start an Adoption Plan?” Adoption.org, adoption.org/start-adoption-plan.

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