Counseling and Emotional Support for Birth Mothers in Colorado

Finding yourself unexpectedly pregnant does not necessarily make you a mother. Some women, instead, make the choice to belong to a smaller, subcategory of motherhood. These are the birth mothers, the women who carried their children to term, and then made the heartbreaking, yet selfless, to place them for adoption. This is an emotional process, and that’s why Adoption Choices of Colorado wants to provide you with any counseling and emotional support that you need. 

You’re Not Alone in Adoption

If you have recently found out about your pregnancy, it’s only natural to feel emotions of confusion, fear, and anguish. Support is necessary to make it through your pregnancy, adoption period, and post placement. There should be no shame in needing and actively seeking support. This is a massive life-changing experience, and there will be some emotional difficulties.

The act of talking is a powerful thing. You may be unwilling to talk about your emotions because it can feel very private and personal to you. We understand that, but there is power in sharing your emotions with a counselor or another trained adoption professional. They will listen and provide comfort. That validation can bring incredible comfort to birth mothers. 

Support Groups for Birth Mothers who Choose Adoption

The purpose of a support group is to connect people who have a shared experience. You can share your personal experiences, feelings, coping mechanisms, words of affirmation, and advice with other birth mothers. They, in turn, will share their strengths and struggles with you, allowing you all to grow together. Adoption Choices of Colorado proudly partners with Lifetime Healing to offer free monthly support groups in the Denver Metro area and Colorado Springs. These groups are like-minded birth mothers who want to focus on their healing, and their grieving process. 

There is no timetable on grief, and we don’t expect a timetable in our support groups either. You are welcome to share your feelings and emotions in a support group whether you are fresh from post placement, or it has been years since you placed your child for adoption. Many of the birth mothers are in different seasons of life. They have different levels of openness to their adoption, and some of them may be struggling with that, while others may be embracing that. Both are okay. Support groups are often a healing balm for birth mothers, because it gives you the opportunity to converse with your peers. Any space or mentality that you are in is okay, and this is a community that wants to support you where you are. 

Counseling Resources for Adoption 

The aftermath of post placement can be an extremely difficult time for birth mothers. Some of the details you may want to share, but don’t feel comfortable expressing them in a group setting. That is perfectly okay. Adoption Choices of Colorado is eager to offer free and private counseling sessions for birth mothers at their earliest convenience. These are with a trained, seasoned, professional who wants to help you unpack tough emotions or struggles that you may be dealing with.

Placing your child for adoption can cause emotional trauma. It brings a great burden onto the shoulders of the birth mother, and this can ricochet onto the other people in her life. We provide counseling for your child’s birth father as well, if he is present and supportive. This is presumably just as emotionally trying time for him as well. We also provide counseling for the other family members in the birth mother’s life. This kind of hurt is felt through in large circles, and these tough emotions must be unpacked so that the adoption process can proceed as painlessly as possible. 

A Closer Look at Lifetime Healing and Adoption

Our partner organization, Lifetime Healing, focuses on the aftermath of placement for birth mothers. They support women in the decision to place your baby for adoption, and elevate you with the tools you need for success and happiness from life. They also work to educate their adoption professionals on how best to provide those tools. 

The founder, Ashley Mitchell also started an online support group known as Knee to Knee. Mitchell is a birth mother herself, who discovered the power of expressing herself through writing. Her passion and desire to help other birth mothers drew friends and like-minded women towards her. Now, she has a developed curriculum meant to provide support, healing for birth mothers, while helping you set goals towards your future. 

It’s Okay to Choose Adoption in Colorado

It’s okay that you made the decision to place your child for adoption.It’s okay that you’re devastated by it. It’s valid and fair to miss your child and to grieve the life that could have been. 

If you are set in your adoption plan and looking forward to moving on with life, that is okay too. If you are dissatisfied with the level of openness to your adoption, or your relationship with the family feels strained, these are valid concerns that you should feel free to bring to our table.

However you feel is okay. It’s just important to seek counseling and emotional support because doing so can point you in the direction of a brighter and happier life.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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