Common Birth Mother Fears

By Noah Abrams

Anyone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy deals with a whirlwind of emotions. In addition to the emotional toll, birth mothers who are considering adoption may have fears. Beginning your adoption journey can be frightening, as you may not know what to expect. That uncertainty can mentally drain anyone in the same or similar scenarios. 

At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we understand that birth mothers have real fears regarding adoption. These fears can ultimately cause hesitation in proceeding with the adoption process. Knowing this, if you work with us, we acknowledge your emotions and feelings. Any concerns you have are important to us. We are here to support and provide you with all our insight to ease your mind. Placing your child for adoption can be difficult, so allow us to help you in navigating your emotions. It won’t be easy, but we will be here with you.

Emotional Fears Birth Mothers Face

  1. Outside Judgment: You may be concerned about family, friends, or society negatively perceiving you for choosing adoption. You also may fear being criticized and considered selfish. 
  2.  Guilt and Shame: A birth mother may feel guilt or shame internally for choosing to place her child for adoption. This is usually coupled with feeling like you are abandoning your child or failing as a mother. 
  3. Loss of Connection: Birth mothers usually have a deep fear of losing the bond and connection with their children. Along with this, birth mothers may feel a sense of uncertainty regarding how to cope with emotional detachment. 

 Birth mothers need to have a support group surrounding them. Support groups and counseling can provide a safe environment to express fears without judgment. Additionally, knowing that choosing adoption is a selfless act of love can ease some of these feelings. Know that you are not “giving up” when giving up a baby for adoption. Talking to other birth mothers who have been through similar experiences can provide peace and perspective.

Birth Mother Fears Regarding the Child’s Well-Being

  1. Health and Happiness: Birth mothers may be concerned about their child’s health and well-being. You may wonder if you made the right decision in choosing the adoptive family or adoption.
  2. Adoptive Family Suitability: Birth mothers may have reservations regarding how fit the adoptive family is. You may question if they will provide your child with a supportive, loving, and stable environment.
  3.  Identity: Birth mothers may fear their child’s sense of identity. This may be coupled with wondering if your child will have a sense of belonging with the adoptive family.

 Thoroughly researching the adoptive family is essential in providing reassurance and peace of mind. If you work with us, we will provide you with detailed profiles from which you can choose. In addition, you can meet with potential adoptive families to ensure you are confident in your decision. Also, remember that the adoptive families we work with undergo an extensive background check. This includes a home study. With that in mind, know that any profiles provided are fit parents, but the choice is at your discretion.

Birth Mother Fears Regarding Adoption’s Complexities

  1. Legal Issues: You may worry about the legal procedures and protocols associated with the adoption process and the finality of it. Birth mothers may also fear potential complications.
  2. Adoptive Family Suitability: Birth mothers may be anxious about the level of communication and relationship post-adoption. You may fear too much or too little contact with the child and adoptive family. 
  3. Financial Concerns: Birth mothers may worry about the financial burden during the adoption journey. You may also worry about your financial stability, even post-adoption. 

Working with reputable adoption agencies like us, you will be educated on the nuances of adoption. We can also connect you with the proper legal professionals to ensure you are well-informed and supported. Additionally, we highly encourage open adoptions, which offer the highest level of communication and transparency. Birth mothers and adoptive families discuss their terms of communication. It is essential to establish this early in the process. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we provide financial assistance to birth mothers who need it. This includes rent, utilities, phone bills, groceries, and transportation. We know this can add to existing stress, so we offer this and other benefits. 

Support and Resources for Birth Mothers with Fears About Adoption

Birth mothers must understand that these doubts, fears, and concerns are natural and valid. Always acknowledge that giving up your baby for adoption isn’t “giving up” on your child. Choosing to place your newborn baby up for adoption requires an incredible amount of strength and love. Seeking support, whether through loved ones, counseling, support groups, or other birth mothers, is vital. In addition, remaining informed and open regarding communication helps you navigate these fears and find peace in your decision. 

If you are considering your adoption options and looking for a Colorado adoption agency, look no further! Adoption Choices of Colorado has been assisting birth mothers for 22 years. As a reputable adoption agency, we take pride in ensuring the best turnout for all birth mothers. We are fully licensed and have adoption counselors and specialists available 24/7. Contact us today if you need a listening ear to express your fears or need information on adoption!

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