Common Adoption Misconceptions about Birth Mothers

By Jonathan Tick

Birth mothers can often be stigmatized for their choice of looking towards adoption options. As a result, they may seek out adoption services to help give their child a second chance. But maybe they are scared to do so because of the negative views against them. As a birth mother, you are not what any stereotypes or misconceptions say you are. Our adoption agencies in Colorado welcome any pregnant woman brave enough to take on the adoption journey. No matter what the situation, Adoption Choices of Colorado wants to be there to help, you work through your unplanned pregnancy and understand common adoption misconceptions in Colorado.

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Myth 1: Birth Mothers Hate their Child

Some people assume that birth mothers think that a pregnant woman is terrible for not wanting to raise their child. Or ask why they are pregnant in the first place if they didn’t want a child. Birth mothers have their reasons or motivations for choosing adoption. Perhaps they’re not mentally ready to have a child, but the unplanned pregnancy throws a wrench somewhere. Or maybe they do want a child. But after realizing their current situation, they realized that they aren’t able to raise one at the moment. Many birth mothers seek adoption services for all sorts of reasons. But that does not mean they hate their child.

It means quite the opposite. Choosing private adoption in Colorado means that the birth mother goes through the adoption process to find a good home for their baby. It’s a way for the birth mother to secure a better future for their child. Make sure that their child finds better success with people ready for a child. Our adoption agencies in Colorado make sure that all adoptive parents can take care of the birth mothers’ children so that the birth mother’s wishes are fulfilled and kept when they inevitably have to say goodbye.

Myth 2: Birth Mothers Never Want to see their Child Again

It’s a common misconception to think that goodbye is a final farewell. However, this could be further from the truth. Before adoption, where you say goodbye and giving up your parental rights was the norm. This is referred to as ‘closed adoption,’ where the anonymity of the birth mother’s identity is preserved from the adoptive parents and their biological child.  

Since then, ‘open adoption’ has become more and more common. In an open adoption, birth mothers keep a line of communication with their child and adoptive family. Make sure that the birth mother and child can keep up to date with each other and their lives. This helps both parties in the long run as it provides birth mothers with confidence knowing that their decision was the right choice. And it lets the child know who their biological parents are and their reasons for placing a baby up for adoption in the first place. Something that, in the case of closed adoption, created cases where adoptees would always wonder where they came from. Which could have long-lasting effects that define them as an ‘adoptive child .’Instead of a different kind of person on their own merits.

Myth 3: Birth Mothers are Almost Always Teen Mothers

Women can become birth mothers for all kinds of reasons. Yes, some teenage girls may seek adoption options to help with unplanned pregnancies. But that does not mean that most birth mothers are teen mothers.  

Birth mothers can come from all walks of life. And a pregnant woman can choose to seek Colorado adoption agencies for whatever reason they may see fit. Adoption Choices of Colorado is an equal opportunity adoption center. No matter the circumstance, all pregnant women seeking adoption will be considered for an adoption plan. After all, every adoption journey is different from woman to woman. And we want to be there to help you through your unplanned pregnancy.

Myth 4: Birth Mother Regret their Decisions and Want their Child Back

Before birth mothers choose adoption, they’re always told that the decision is final. Adoption is a very serious choice. And all of our adoption agencies in Colorado are happy to let the mother process the decision before making the final call. That being said, birth mothers who go through with adoption know what they’re getting into. And for the most part, birth mothers come out of the experience happy that they chose to place their baby for adoption.  

Open adoption lets them see the results of their choice as well. And many birth mothers come out of the experience fully confident that their adoption experience was a positive one. Of course, some birth mothers experience a period of grief after the child has been born, which makes sense since they’ve been together throughout the entire pregnancy. However, this usually doesn’t last long since the birth mother knows that their child’s future will be in better hands.

Helping People Understand Common Adoption Misconceptions in Colorado

At the end of the day, no two birth mothers are the same. Every adoption journey is a unique process. Birth mothers and their children end up in brighter places because of the adoption process. Not despite it. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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