Common Adoption Misconceptions about Colorado Birth Mothers

The general public’s acceptance of adoption as a legitimate, loving way in which a family is created has grown significantly in recent years. Still, sometimes myths and misconceptions about adoption in Colorado remain. If you’re exploring unplanned pregnancy options, you may be struggling with your own understanding of what it means to be a birth mother. Adoption Choices of Colorado knows that unplanned pregnancies can happen to anyone. Let’s debunk a few of the most common adoption misconceptions about Colorado birth mothers.

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Common Misconceptions about Colorado Birth Mothers

Myth #1: If you’re considering giving up your baby, you must not love him or her.

Many expectant mothers feel unable, unprepared, or unwilling to parent a child. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t love their children. In fact, the truth is very much the opposite! Choosing to place your child for adoption is a selfless act. Selecting just the right family to raise your child shows just how much love you as a birth mother have for your child. Placing your child for adoption is not an easy decision, but contrary to this adoption misconception, it’s a choice that places your child’s needs ahead of your own and that demonstrates tremendous love for your child. A birth mother never forgets her child. Even with a closed adoption, her child is never far from her thoughts.

Myth #2: A birth mother will change her mind and try to regain custody of her child.

Once a parent has signed the paperwork relinquishing parental rights, there is no going back. While the moment the birth mother gives her baby up to the adoptive family can be heart-wrenching and devastating for her, in the vast majority of adoptions in Colorado, the birth mothers do not regret their decision. With open adoptions, birth mothers can maintain contact with their child’s adoptive family and still see their child grow. Birth mothers who choose closed adoption do so for a reason – sometimes for the child’s safety or for their own privacy. Very rarely do those reasons change. Once the paperwork is signed, and the adoption is complete, the adoptive family becomes the child’s legal parents. The adoption professionals at our Colorado adoption agency work with everyone in the adoption triad to ensure there are no misunderstandings about the adoption process or misconceptions about child custody.

Myth #3: Birth mothers are promiscuous teens who party too much and live irresponsibly.

Unexpected pregnancies can happen to any sexually active woman at any time in her life. A birth mother who researches her unplanned pregnancy options and contacts an adoption agency is not irresponsible. Sometimes birth mothers are teens, but often they are not. Any expectant mother who feels unable to parent her child and is considering adoption deserves respect for working to make the best choice for her child, not a judgment for what may or may not be her lifestyle. Adoption Choices of Colorado helps connect birth mothers with quality prenatal medical care to ensure both the birth mother and the baby are healthy and well cared for throughout the pregnancy.

Colorado is Changing Misconceptions about Birth Mothers and Adoption

Many years ago, adoption in our culture was treated with secrecy and shame. Birth mothers were kept hidden away and pretended to have never been pregnant. Adoptive families often kept the adoption secret, even from the child. Those things are no longer true. The shame and stigma associated with adoption is a thing of the past. With the increasing popularity of open adoption, birth mothers and the adoptive families often share close relationships that benefit everyone in the adoption triad.

Since 1990 we have recognized the Saturday before Mother’s Day as a special day to honor the love and sacrifice of birth mothers across the globe who placed their children for adoption. Birth Mother’s Day, this year on May 8, 2021, is a great time to reflect on the love, sacrifice, and dedication given by birth mothers who place their children for adoption; as well as to offer support for them as many birth mothers still struggle with feelings of grief, guilt, and loss.

Adoption Choices of Colorado does not judge anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy and feels unable or unwilling to parent a child. A birth mother does not need to explain why she feels parenting her child is not the best choice. Adoption is a loving option that deserves to be celebrated rather than condemned. Working with your caseworker, you can create an adoption plan that becomes a life-long positive experience for you and for your child.

If you are a birth mother who has already placed your child for adoption and is struggling with processing your grief and loss post-adoption, your caseworker can connect you with a person, group, or service to help.

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