Combatting Common Misconceptions About Adoption in Colorado

There are many misconceptions about adoption and the adoption process in general. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we understand that these misconceptions can sometimes lead to stereotypes that can be equally harmful to the birth parents, adoptive families, and the adopted children. Therefore, it’s important to address these misconceptions and try to combat them. However, this article cannot compile all of the misconceptions about adoption. It attempts to look into some of the most common misconceptions about adoption in Colorado.

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Putting Your Baby Up for Adoption: Misconceptions About Birth Mothers/Parents

This is far from the truth! Adoption is one of the most difficult decisions to make as a birth mother. There are numerous reasons why birth mothers consider adoption. They might feel that they can’t raise the baby currently. Therefore they’d like for another family to take care of their baby. Birth mothers are not selfish for putting aside their wishes and desires and choosing the best option for their baby.

Teen pregnancy is another reason why birth mothers consider adoption. Many times the baby’s father may not be in the picture. A mother who desires a functional family and a bright future may decide to put her baby up for adoption. This makes birth mothers caring moms who simply want a better lifestyle for their baby. Regardless of why birth moms give their baby up for adoption, this is not an easy decision. It takes a lot of courage to come to this decision.

Often, birth mothers ignore the option of adoption and refuse to even consider it because of this harmful misconception, which is why it must come to an end. This misconception should not force mothers to raise children on their own in an unsuitable atmosphere, when in fact, a loving and caring adoptive family can welcome the baby into their family.

  • The Birth Family Will Take the Baby Away

This can be a harmful misconception as well, especially because there is a lack of education regarding adoption laws. Colorado adoption law terminates the legal rights of birth parents. Birth mothers voluntarily terminate their rights when they create a Colorado adoption plan with Adoption Choices of Colorado. After this step, the baby cannot be taken away. If birth parents or other relatives were to take the baby away from the adoptive parents, it would be considered illegal.

Misconceptions About Adoptive Families

  • The Adoptive Parents Won’t Love My Baby as Their Own

This misconception is quite common and can be the most harmful at times. It is important to remember that many of the adoptive families waiting to adopt have been doing so for a while. Often, they have gone through many other procedures before coming to the decision to adopt, such as IVF. Some may have gone through the painful experience of miscarriages. Even after they decide to adopt, they wait for even more to finally welcome a baby into their family. The adoptive families that are eagerly waiting to warmly welcome a baby into their lives will surely take care of your baby as their own. They will protect and raise them like any other family.

  • Adoption is Never the First Choice

This is not true! While it’s important to acknowledge that couples do try to conceive on their own. There are many couples who have always imagined completing their family through the option of adoption. A common misconception is that mostly it is infertile couples and LGBTQ couples who opt for adoption. While it is true that these couples consider adoption, it’s important to also consider the fact that completely fertile couples also opt for adoption. Adoption is not the second-best choice. Adoption is a choice for anyone who makes the brave decision to become a part of this beautiful journey.

Adoption Options: General Misconceptions

Some misconceptions involve both the adoptive parents and birth parents, for example.

  • It’s Better if Children Don’t Find Out That They Are Adopted

This misconception is important to be combatted. Especially because open adoptions are one of the most common ways to adopt. Many birth parents and adoptive families come to a consensus to opt for open adoption.

In an open adoption, birth parents and adoptive parents come to an agreement to be in direct contact with each other and share identifying information with each other. This option may even involve in-person visits. This would allow you as a birth mother to get to know the potential family your baby will be adopted by and allow you to stay in contact even after adoption.

Regardless of the level of openness of adoption you may choose, it is recommended that your adopted children know the details of their adoption. Just like you would tell them any other stories, your children should know about how they were adopted as early as possible. Gone are the days when adoption was looked upon as something to be ashamed of. In fact, adoption and adoption stories should be regarded with pride. If parents are secretive about the adoption of their child, then that can create emotions of shame for them.

In another case, if adoptive parents were to sit their child aside to specifically tell them about the time they were adopted, this would possibly leave a more negative impact. In comparison, if the child is well aware of their adoption story all along, it will allow for a more positive impact on them.

We Are Here To Help with Your Adoption Options in Denver, CO

Reading through these misconceptions can be difficult. It is crucial for such harmful misconceptions and stereotypes to be debunked. Such misconceptions can only be combatted through continuous and accurate education on the topic of adoption. But, until the general public becomes more informed, know that you are not alone on this journey. You will be able to make an informed decision regarding the adoption of your baby with us. Adoption Choices of Colorado understands the many fears and emotions you may be experiencing, and we are here for you.

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