Colorado Adoption When the Birth Father is Unknown or Unsupportive

By Jonathan Tick

A question may come up when a birth mother seeks Private Adoption in Colorado. Who is the birth father? The birth father is what our adoption specialists in Adoption Choices of Colorado call the child’s biological father. And their presence or lack thereof can have notable effects on your CO adoption.  So, what can a birth mother do? Approaching the situation first involves determining whether or not you know the birth father. This vital piece of information will impact how your adoption at our colorado adoption agencies will go.

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If the Birth Father is Unsupportive

Situations where the birth father is unsupportive usually have the birth mother know who the child’s father is. And an unsupportive birth father is also aware that their child has been put up for adoption. The result of these two factors results in a rocky situation that typically puts the adoption on hold, where the adoption may turn into a legal battle over deciding what will happen to the child when they’re born.

An unsupportive birth father may decide that they want to take care of the child himself rather than opt for the choice of placing the baby up for adoption and giving away his chance at fatherhood. To argue for custody of the child, he’ll need to show that he can take care of the child both physically and financially as well as show prove his ability to take care of the child alone. The journey for a Colorado birth father to gain custody of the child can be very long. Any missteps such as failing to meet a basic standard for the child to live in may terminate his ability to gain custody.

In situations like these, the adoption can then proceed as normal. If not, a long, legal battle between the two birth parents may ensue. Seek legal counsel if you feel that this may be the case. Talk to your adoption specialist if you feel you made need further help to get your adoption plan back on track.  

An alternative to fighting in court can be discussing your decision for adoption. Talking out your reasons and feelings for choosing adoption may sway him to your side. And get him thinking about the positives for your baby in the long run. Adoption is sometimes seen as a bad thing, and the birth father may feel that way too. By educating him on the benefits of CO adoption, there’s a chance he may be willing to relinquish his parental rights. Ensuring that the adoption process can go smoothly now that he’s supporting the decision too.  

If the Birth Father is Unknown or Absent

Absent or unknown birth fathers are generally easier than their unsupportive counterparts. Since the birth father is unknown, there are no records of them, and therefore can’t be identified. Because nobody can claim themselves as the child’s father, there’s no need to have them sign over their parental rights alongside the birth mother. Since the birth father likely has no idea that they either have a child or that the birth mother is going through private adoption in Colorado. The adoption process can then proceed as normal. With the mother continuing their adoption plan as normal until the day it’s time to relinquish their parental rights.  

The situation regarding unknown or absent birth fathers only changes if the father is known. If he isn’t interested in being involved with the child, then the adoption can proceed as normal. If he is interested, however, then his case will become that of an unsupportive birth father. And the CO adoption may have to involve legal proceedings to sort out any issues between the two birth parents.

So What Can a Birth Mother Do?

A birth mother should first and foremost talk to their adoption specialist about the birth father’s status. Every birth mother’s adoption plan is different. Same with the needs and services required to make your unplanned pregnancy as pleasant as possible. Adoption Choices of Colorado will always give their full support to the birth mother. So that even if an unsupportive birth father goes against your choices, you can fall back on us to support you instead.  

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