After a year and half with a national adoption consultant group and four disrupted adoptions later, I was heartbroken and losing hope. Thankfully I reached out to and signed up with Adoption Choices of Colorado. Their staff were warm, empathic, and encouraging at a such a vulnerable time in my life. After one more devastating disrupted adoption, I got the call I had been waiting for. Seven months after signing up with Adoption Choices of Colorado, I met with and held my daughter in her NICU hospital room for the first time.

During our four days in the hospital, I was beyond impressed with the respect, kindness, and extraordinary support they provided to my daughters amazing birth mother and myself. As I sit here typing this with my amazing baby girl on my lap, I know in my heart things were meant to work out as they did. I will forever be grateful to ACC for bringing us together as a family!

Christie M

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