Choosing Adoption When 8-9 Months Pregnant

By Maxwell Dallinga

Considering your adoption options late into a pregnancy can be difficult. While you may have had plans early in your pregnancy, unexpected circumstances can often change these plans. When this occurs, you may worry that it is too late to choose adoption, as you may be in your second or third trimester. Especially so close to delivering a child, this fear may feel overwhelming. 

Despite this, it is not too late to choose to put your child up for adoption. Though the way it can play out may change, you will still be able to go through the adoption process. With agencies like Adoption Choices of Colorado, you can find out if a late-stage pregnancy adoption is right for you.

Late Pregnancy Adoption Process

At such a late stage in your adoption journey, you may feel nervous about your adoption options. However, the only factor that changes when choosing adoption late into pregnancy is the time before delivery. No matter how close you are to delivery, you can set up an adoption plan for your child.

You will be able to reach out to an adoption agency at any time to get started on an adoption plan. Agencies like Adoption Choices of Colorado will help you set up an adoption plan that you are comfortable with. Even late into pregnancy, the stages of this adoption plan will largely look the same. This involves making the choice of your preferred adoptive family and the ideal adoption style for you. Adoption styles vary between open, semi-open, and closed adoption. An open adoption means that you can have free contact between you, your child, and adoptive family. A closed adoption means that you will not have contact with your child or adoptive family. A semi-open adoption means that contact between you, your child, and their adoptive parents is monitored by a third party.

These choices can feel difficult in a short time frame. However, adoption agencies will only move through an adoption plan at a speed you are comfortable with. The only factor to consider is the delivery of your child. With the timing of your pregnancy, it is very possible that you deliver your child before an adoption is finalized. However, adoption agencies offer plenty of resources and support to help you between your child’s birth and adoption. Equipped with resources like adoption specialists and support groups, you will feel ready to take on your adoption.

5 Self-Care Tips for Your Colorado Adoption

No matter how late your pregnancy has developed, it is important to find a means of self-care. Listed below are five self-care tips you might consider using during your adoption.

1. Pursuing Hobbies

One of the best ways to take care of yourself is to focus on the things you love to do. Finding healthy hobbies to pursue can be a great way of doing this. Often, hobbies reduce stress and increase personal satisfaction. Whether it’s writing, art, learning a language, or anything else you enjoy, hobbies can be a great method of self-care.

2. Counseling or Therapy

Counseling and therapy can be a great way to support yourself. Often, it is easy to lose perspective on our lives. Therapy and counseling can restore a sense of satisfaction, resilience, and a healthy outlook on life. Some adoption agencies in Colorado even offer these services to birth mothers like you!

3. Journaling

Life can get quite overwhelming, especially when going through a pregnancy and adoption. Journaling is an easy and effective way to stay in tune with your emotions during these emotional periods. Allowing you to organize and express your emotions on a physical page. This form of self-care can be a helpful way to reflect on your adoption journey. 

4. Time and Support with Family and Friends

It can be helpful to talk to people you know and trust. Being able to seek empathy, support, and love from family and friends can be very helpful. Having a support system for loved ones can help you feel less isolated and more empowered during your adoption.

5. Taking Time for Yourself

Finding personal time can be an important way to reflect. Even taking short periods of time to relax and calm yourself can be helpful during a stressful period of time.

Adoption Agencies in Colorado

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or unplanned pregnancy circumstances? Looking into unplanned pregnancy options? No matter how early or late you need, Adoption Choices of Colorado can help. Offering numerous means of support, we have the resources to care for you. Whether you are looking for emotional support, medical advice, or simply an adoption plan, we’re ready to provide it.

We understand how difficult pregnancy and adoption can feel. That’s why Adoption Choices of Colorado is ready to empower you through your adoption journey. So whether you’re looking into adoption or simply want to learn more, consider contacting Adoption Choices of Colorado today!

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