Choosing a Single Adoptive Father as a Birth Mother

Single parent households are becoming increasingly more accepted in mainstream society as educators, parents and researchers begin to recognize that the quality of parenting doesn’t depend on strict adherence to a traditional two-parent nuclear family model. The most important piece of parenting is providing a loving, stable home. A single father can offer this gift to your child just as well as a traditional two-parent home can. There are many reasons you may consider choosing a single adoptive father as a birth mother. Adoption Choices of Colorado is here to help you outline the process, considerations, and benefits of choosing a single adoptive father for your child. 

The Process

Adoption Choices of Colorado provides counseling services to birth mothers who are facing unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption. This allows you to better understand what is most important to you in an adoptive parent, and to articulate what you are looking for. You can also discuss your interest in single parent families with your adoption caseworker, who will assist you in choosing potential matches. Getting to know potential adoptive fathers will help you to assess whether choosing a single adoptive father is right for you. In addition, developing a relationship with your chosen adoptive family is crucial in setting up and maintaining a successful open adoption plan. 

Many birth mothers find that other qualities are much more important to them in adoptive parents than a two-parent home, and there can be many benefits to choosing a single adoptive father. However, there may also be some added worries and fears regarding this choice, and a counselor can help you to sort through those thoughts and feelings.


Birth mothers may hesitate to choose a single adoptive father because this does not meet the dominant cultural ideal of a family. Taking time to reflect on which of your concerns are grounded in concrete fears, and which are due to societal expectations, can be helpful to consider in this process. It is important to determine and articulate what appeals to you personally about choosing a single adoptive father as a birth mother, as well as what you may be worried or hesitant about. Addressing concerns regarding finances, work-life balance and support networks directly with prospective adoptive father candidates can be a great way to ultimately make a choice that feels good to you. 

Being at peace knowing that your child is taken care of is deeply comforting, and while there are real added difficulties that single parent households face, most prospective single adoptive fathers have thought through each of these meticulously. After all, single adoptive parents are single parents by choice. It is not one they have made lightly. There can be a powerful sense of stability to not worrying about the unfolding relationship dynamics of a couple you choose as adoptive parents. 


There are many wonderful benefits to choosing a single adoptive father as a birth mother. Single adoptive parents get to be the sole direct parenting influence in your child’s life. This allows for stability and uniformity in disciplinary choices, values, beliefs and other important parental choices. It’s immensely beneficial for children to have unwavering expectations that don’t vary between two parents. 

Choosing a single parent also eliminates the potential for disparate opinions on financial decisions. It can be difficult for a child to see his or her parents arguing or struggling in their own relationship, as that experience can create added instability in a child’s life. There’s a lot of unknowns when it comes to the complex dynamics of two adults who are simultaneously in the roles of individuals, partners and parents. Single family households, by comparison, can focus their love, energy and time solely on their child. Single parents also tend to understand the deep importance of a community. 

Single adoptive fathers understand the importance of your child’s health, safety and development. He will love and cherish your child always, and will reach out to his support system when needed. This greater community can give your child an increased sense of connection and contribute to their social-emotional skills development, which is crucial to their future success as they mature. Single adoptive fathers have a deep sense of commitment and will work hard to provide everything possible for you child. 

Choosing a Single Adoptive Father as A Birth Mother

Making a choice of adoptive parents is a deeply personal decision. There are many wonderful choices of adoptive families available to you as a birth mother, and Adoption Choices of Colorado is here to assist you in every way possible. 

Single adoptive fathers tend to be very driven, responsible individuals, and these excellent parents are often overlooked. You may find it very rewarding to consider this growing population of prospective single adoptive fathers. The qualifications for an upstanding childhood often have nothing to do with the makeup of a family; but, rather, the love, support and stability offered by said family. Single adoptive fathers are uniquely qualified to provide an added sense of stability and to create an extended community in which your child can thrive. Through open adoption, you can continue the relationship with your chosen adoptive father and be a part of that loving network supporting your child. 

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Call us: 720-371-1099, Call or Text us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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