Celebrating Mothers & Birth Mothers Day

By Maxwell Dallinga

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, many people are excited to give thanks to the women who raised them. However, the journey of becoming a mother is not always straightforward. In fact, there are many children who have gone through the adoption process to find their current adoptive mothers. In the world of adoption, birth mothers play the pivotal role of bringing joy and life into adoptive families. We dedicate a day to birth mothers, celebrating the love they have shown for child and adoptive families alike. 

This May 11th is National Birth Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate the sacrifices birth mothers have made for their children. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we’re ready to celebrate birth mothers and their journey!

Birth Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day

You may be wondering why we celebrate Birth Mother’s Day. To understand the holiday, it is important to highlight the sacrifices birth mothers make to place their child for adoption. Besides simply bringing their child into the world, there are many stages in the adoption journey.

As a holiday, Birth Mother’s Day reflects the sacrifices made by birth mothers. It is a way of giving thanks to those who have brought joy and love into the lives of many. Indeed, there are many difficult steps through which a birth mother must navigate. As adoption is a difficult process, Birth Mother’s Day provides a way to reflect on this journey.

When a mother is not expecting to have a child, she must look into her unplanned pregnancy options. There are three main choices in this situation. For many birth mothers who do not feel prepared to raise a child, this is the start of a deeply emotional journey. Beginning the adoption process, they choose between adoption agencies that best suit their needs. They then work with agencies like Adoption Choices of Colorado to create an adoption plan. During this adoption plan, they choose their preferred adoption style. Adoption style is the choice between open, closed, and semi-open adoption. An open adoption allows for unmoderated contact between a birth mother, child, and adoptive family. A closed adoption does not allow for contact. A semi-closed adoption style uses third-party mediators to moderate contact between both parties.

With so many choices, the adoption journey can be a difficult one. Thus, a birth mother who chooses adoption is making a choice of deep care and selflessness for their child. By acting on their adoption options, they make a sacrifice to give their child a happy home and future. 

Ways to Celebrate Birth Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an important date on which we celebrate the sacrifices our mothers have made for us. Thus, Birth Mother’s Day should be a celebration that they have made for their children.

Whether or not you were adopted, there is plenty of reason to celebrate this Birth Mother’s Day. One of the simplest ways you can do so is to take a few moments of your day to reflect. Reflect on the people you know and love that have been adopted. Reflect on the deeply emotional choices birth mothers make to give their children the lives they deserve. Reflect on the hard work of everyone involved in the adoption process.

If you are a birth mother, consider the journey you went through and the sacrifices you made for your child. Consider the joy you have brought your child’s adoptive family. Consider the selflessness you have shown to your child both through and after your adoption journey.

Adoption Options for Birth Mothers

If you or someone you know is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you may want to consider your adoption options. Luckily, Adoption Choices of Colorado is here to guide you through each and every step of the process. You can feel secure in your journey by offering numerous channels of professional guidance, resources, and support. Choosing us means choosing to work with one of the best adoption agencies in Colorado

We recognize and cherish the sacrifices birth mothers make to give their children happy lives. Indeed, deciding on adoption can be greatly emotional and overwhelming. That is why we dedicate ourselves to supporting you through your adoption journey. This support includes great resources to ensure you are emotionally cared for. Such include professional counseling, support groups, and general advice from trusted professionals. We also offer medical aid and professional health advice at each stage of your journey. Ultimately, it is our job to make your journey as comfortable and positive as possible.

If you are interested in creating an adoption plan, consider contacting Adoption Choices of Colorado today. We’re ready to celebrate you!

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