Celebrating Birth Father’s Day and Father’s Day in an Adoption

By Ryan Yau

With Father’s Day approaching, you may be wondering if there is a celebration for birth fathers who have placed their children for adoption. Birth fathers can play a role in the adoption process alongside the birth mother. Therefore, it is important that your role can be celebrated. Though there is no national holiday for Birth Father’s Day, there are ways to independently celebrate the occasion.

The birth father is the biological father of the child being placed for adoption. Along with the birth mother, you have the responsibility of managing the adoption process.

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How Can the Birth Father Remain in Their Child’s Life?

Firstly, to celebrate Birth Father’s Day, it is important to be able to contact your child. Whether you can remain in the child’s life as a birth father depends on the type of adoption. In a closed adoption, unfortunately, you will be unable to contact your child’s adoptive family. In a semi-open adoption, you receive updates about your child and can ask the adoption agency for a contact. As for open adoption, you will have the adoptive parents’ contact information.

Therefore if you plan on celebrating the birth on Father’s Day, it would be important that you choose an open adoption. With Adoption Agencies in Colorado, the process of selecting the right adoption type is made easy. You will be provided with a specialist who can make sure all your needs are addressed in an adoption plan.

Does the Birth Father Make Decisions in the Adoption Process?

How much involvement you have in making decisions about the child depends on if you are the child’s biological father. If so, you have a legal say in what to do with the baby. It is important to recognize that the decision should ultimately be the birth mother’s since she will carry the baby.

What Role Can a Birth Father Play Throughout the Adoption Process?

It is a common misconception that adoption is a process the birth mother has to go through alone. Though sometimes that is the case, the birth father can certainly remain in the picture. You can provide pivotal assistance throughout the pregnancy and adoption processes.

Of course, pregnancy can be a very difficult process. But adoption can also be hard to go through. For the birth mother to separate from a child who she has spent nine months with can be taxing. Some mothers experience birth mother grief, a form of grief from the separation of their child into adoption.

It is important that should you choose to aid in the process. You are able to help out emotionally. This can also include taking on tasks that the birth mother might be unable to do. Doing this may be the most important role of a birth father throughout the adoption process.

How Involved Should You Be in Your Child’s Life?

You may be unsure about how much of a role you should play in your child’s life. If they are already part of a loving family unit, you may not think you need to be involved necessarily. How much of a presence you want to be in your child’s life is a decision you need to make. It would be poor form to try and take over parenting of your child once they have been adopted. 

However, being a regular part of their life is not a bad thing and would provide them with another role model. You could establish a good relationship with your child’s adoptive parents and even become a family friend. Or you could occasionally visit and play more of an uncle-type role in their life. There are many ways to approach being a birth father, but generally, more role models are a good thing for your child.

How Can You Start Celebrating Birth Fathers This Year?

Birth Father’s Day is not a nationally recognized holiday, but you can choose to celebrate it independently. This can even be a tradition you establish with your child. It can involve dinner or other activities, where you get to spend meaningful time with your child and maybe their adoptive family. The holiday events are up to you and your child, and you have the freedom to celebrate whatever you choose.

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