Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in Colorado?

By Lindsay Parkoo

Adoption is a great path to go on if you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy and are unprepared. It’s a chance to give your baby the life they deserve. What’s more, depending on the kind of adoption, you can choose the adoptive family. There are a variety of couples and single parents that would love to raise your baby. Maybe you’re thinking of choosing a same-sex couple, but you have questions. Can same-sex couples adopt in Colorado? What are the benefits of same-sex adoption for your child? And many more. Well, look no further. We’ll talk about all the frequently asked questions about same-sex couples during an adoption.

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FAQ about Same-Sex Adoption in Colorado 

Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in Colorado?

Yes. Same-sex couples that are married have marriage rights and can adopt. They specifically have the right to joint adoptions to be able to utilize adoption agencies in Colorado. However, if a couple is not married, they will need separate petitions for each individual. A same-sex partner is also allowed to adopt the child of their partner. This is known as Second Parent Adoption, and the process is no different than any other.

How do I Choose a Colorado LGBTQ+ Family to Adopt My Baby?

In your adoption plan, you’ll have the option of choosing the parents for your baby depending on the type. Your adoption agency provides profiles of the families for you to look through. You can also visit the waiting families page on our site, which displays waiting for adoptive couples. This way, you’ll learn about the couple’s cultures, beliefs, and values and make your decision from there. While browsing the profiles, you can decide which family suits your needs for your child and filter through as you go along. You can check for location, educational status, job status, and more. All this will ensure you have the most information to make a well-informed decision. 

Can I Stay in Touch With My Child’s Adopted Family?

Yes, you can under specific circumstances. If you opt for open adoption or even semi-open, you’ll be allowed to contact your child and their adoptive family. Your adoption agency can provide many different ways to stay in touch with them. You can utilize phone calls, letters, virtual face-to-face calls, and so on. If you’re inclined, we can help you set up visitations as well.

What are the Challenges of Same-Sex Colorado Adoption for My Child?

Unfortunately, some same-sex couples still face discrimination from others, especially when they want to adopt. Your child might experience some bullying or discrimination for having same-sex parents. This can have an emotional impact on them as they get older. They might feel isolated from other kids as well as same-sex parents aren’t common yet. However, it’s important to remember that their adoptive family is most likely prepared to handle this. They are more likely prepared to help your child deal with negative actions and emotions.

Are There Benefits to My Child Being Raised by a Colorado Same-Sex Couple?

Yes! Your child will grow up in a diverse and inclusive environment. Same-sex parents are just as capable of providing loving homes as any other parents. They are likely to grow up more accepting and empathetic to different kinds of people. 

Are Children Raised by Same-Sex Parents More Likely to Question Their Sexuality?

This is a common misconception. There’s nothing to prove that LGBTQ+ parents will raise LGBTQ+ children. After all, those parents were raised in heterosexual households before. In that case, parentage has no hold on the sexual orientation of a person. 

Will my Baby be Well Cared for by Colorado Same-Sex Parents?

Your baby will be taken care of as well as any other couple. Because of the rarity of same-sex parents in other states, those who can adopt might be less likely to take it for granted. Their focus, care, and attention will solely be on your child. 

Why Might Colorado LGBTQ+ Parents Want to Adopt?

LGBTQ+ couples might want to adopt for the same reasons as anyone else. They might want to raise a child with their partner and grow a family together. Some might want to give a child a loving home and a better future. Adoption is one of the ways LGBTQ+ couples can develop a family of their own. 

Are Colorado Adoptive Parents Required to Have Background Checks?

Yes. Just like any other couple looking to adopt, background checks will be required. All adopted families will be checked for any criminal history as well. There will be home studies conducted by officials to make sure the family will be able to properly care for and financially support your baby. 

Are there Resources to Help Me Emotionally Cope When I Place My Baby in an LGBTQ+ Adoptive Family?

If you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed during the process, your agency can provide resources to help. We can provide advice as well as counseling. 

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Same-sex parents have an opportunity to give their children the care and attention they need to grow into emphatic and inclusive adults. Why not give them that chance and choose a same-sex couple for your baby? Adoption Choices of Colorado strives to teach you how to give up your baby for adoption and know that you’re not giving them up. Look us up and start your journey.

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