Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in Colorado?

If you are a birth mother facing an unexpected pregnancy and you are considering adoption, you may be debating what type of adoptive family is a viable to adopt your child. Have you ever considered LGBTQ+ adoption? You may be wondering what rights same-sex couples have in Colorado. Same-sex couples and LGBTQ+ individuals can petition for adoption just as any other individual or couple does. The procedures and requirements are the same for every petitioner regardless of their race, gender, or religion. Aspiring parents can petition for various types of adoption. Adoption Choices of Colorado is here to tell you the various ways in which same-sex couples can adopt in colorado.

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  • What are your Pregnancy Adoption Options in Colorado?

As a birth mother, you may be wondering what your adoption captions are, especially when it comes to adoptive parents for your child. Know that you have complete control over who will adopt your child. If you want to be involved in choosing the adoptive family, you can. We will help you sort through profiles so that you can find a match that you feel is perfect for your child. 

Know that same-sex and LGBT+ adoptive families are an option. At the end of the day, you will have the final say on who will adopt your child if you choose to be involved in the adoptive family selection process.

  • Is it more difficult for Same-Sex Couples to Adopt in Colorado?

Same-sex couples can petition for various forms of adoption regardless of their sexual preferences. The main requirements for all potential adoptive parents are that they are 21 years of age or older, and have not been convicted of a crime involving child abuse, violence, or unlawful sexual behavior. 

  • Can Single LGBTQ+ Individuals still adopt in Colorado?

Yes. In Colorado, the law states that any single individual is allowed to petition for adoption regardless of gender, race, or religion.

  • Can Same-Sex couples petition For a Joint Adoption In Colorado?

The Colorado Civil Union Act states that same-sex couples can experience the rights of married couples in a civil union. If an LGBTQ+ couple is married or in a civil union then they can petition for joint adoption. If they are not married, then they would have to petition and go through the adoption process as separate individuals.

  • Second Parent Adoption for LGBTQ+ Couples Colorado

 A second-parent adoption allows a marriage partner to adopt their partner’s child without the first parent losing any parental rights. In Colorado, same-sex couples may petition for a second parent adoption. However, this is only possible when the child only has one legal parent and that parent is the partner of the petitioner. Once completed, the petitioner will have the same rights and responsibilities to the child as their partner, the first parent. It is important to note that second parent adaptations are more strict to petition for. They require three rounds of background checks, a home visit, a visit, and a training course in parenting must be completed. Although this option is a little more complex, it is one other way that an LGBTQ+ adoption is an option when it comes to an adoptive family.

  • Step-Parent Adoption for Same-Sex Couples in Colorado

Step-parent adoption is when a person legally cares for their partner’s child as their own. In Colorado, LGBTQ+ couples can petition for Step-parent adoption. However, they must be already in a civil union or married for them to become a step-parent. Once completed successfully, in this adoption the petitioner would be taking over the responsibilities and parental rights of a non-custodial parent.

  • Parenting a Child In a Civil Union in Colorado

If same-sex couples are married or in a civil union under Colorado law, any child confided within this union is presumed to be theirs. However, it is important to note that it is possible to refute this presumption, like if someone else claims the child as their own. If a person is not the birth parent, they may want to obtain a court order to legally solidify their parental rights to the child.

Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in Colorado?

Same-sex couples and LGBTQ+ individuals who wish to be parents can adopt in Colorado. Know that members of the LGBTQ+ community can participate in the various forms of adoption stated above. Are you ready to choose LGBTQ+ adoption for your child? LGBTQ+ parents are waiting to welcome your child into their home.  Adoption Choices of Colorado is here to show you how.

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