I Am Early in My Pregnancy, Can I Still Choose Adoption in Colorado?

By Melissa Camacho

Are you an expectant mother facing an unplanned pregnancy and wondering if adoption is right for you? Experiencing an unexpected pregnancy in the early stages of birth can increase stress and anxiety levels. You begin to panic as if there isn’t enough time or nowhere to turn. If you choose adoption with Adoption Choices of Colorado, you can set your timeline before your birth delivery. We will help you create an adoption plan that works for you at any stage of your pregnancy. This includes the type of adoption, hospital birth plan, and choosing the right adoptive family you want for your baby. 

Adoption is the best option for your baby if you feel you are not ready to take care of a child. It is not giving up on your child or refusing to take responsibility. Rather, you are coming to terms with the reality of your situation. By placing your baby for adoption, you participate in your child’s growth and development. We will help you begin the adoption process through guidance from our licensed adoption team and useful resources.

If you need adoption help now, please call or text us at 303-670-4673 (HOPE) or visit us at Adoption Choices of Colorado.

Are There Any Requirements I Need To Meet Before I Begin The Adoption Process?

You don’t have to worry about any requirements. There are no age, marital status, or pregnancy stage requirements. No matter how young or old you are, you can choose adoption in Colorado. Remember that not all adoption services will be available if you are at a very early stage of your pregnancy. However, the earlier you begin the adoption process, the better the outcomes will be for you and your baby. It also doesn’t matter what your current situations are. Whether you are experiencing homelessness, have a disability, are married or single, etc., we will help you with your CO adoption

What Steps or Resources Do I Need to Create an Adoption Plan in Colorado?

An expectant mother who chooses adoption becomes a birth mother. Adoption Choices of Colorado facilitates a variety of adoption issues in areas across Colorado like Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver. You can reach out to one of our local private adoption Colorado agencies to make an appointment with an adoption specialist. Our adoption agencies are available 24/7, offering flexible and reliable adoption services for pregnant women. When you meet with your adoption specialist, you can arrange a hospital birth plan and review adoptive family profiles and other resources. A one-on-one meeting can be done virtually or in person.

Are There Different Types of Adoption Plans?

In the early stage of the adoption process, it’s important to learn about the types of adoption you will consider for your adoption plan. The type of adoption you choose will take effect once you sign adoption consent papers and after childbirth. It will establish your mode of communication between the adoptive family and your child. You can choose from either an open adoption, a semi-adoption, or closed adoption. If you prefer an open adoption, you can have face-to-face visits, send letters and pictures, and communicate through social media. A semi-adoption is any form of communication secured through a third party or adoption agency. Semi-adoption communication is to be kept confidential between third parties and adoption agencies. If you choose a closed adoption, there will be no communication, and information will be kept confidential between you, your child, and the adoptive family.

Can I Get Help with Other Resources that Affect My Livelihood During Adoption?

As a birth mother placing your baby for adoption, you have many benefits at no cost at any stage of your pregnancy. You must always address any needs or concerns to your local adoption agency in Colorado or adoption professional. If you live in Denver and want a Denver adoption, you can contact one of our adoption agencies in Denver, Colorado. Our licensed adoption agencies can assist birth mothers in the following areas:

  • Financial Assistance: You can qualify to get help with monthly expenses, such as utilities, food costs, housing, phone bills, transportation, clothing, housing, and medical care.
  • Housing Plan: Need a place to stay? We can assist you in searching for a safe, affordable, and comfortable home during your pregnancy.
  • Counseling Support: Taking care of your mental health will make your adoption journey less stressful and more manageable. You can join our counseling support services at any time. After your adoption is finalized, you can still get counseling through our Post-Placement Support Services. We can help you cope with emotional issues that lead to depression and anxiety.
  • Education Costs: We understand how challenging it can be to finish school during an unplanned pregnancy. However, your education is essential in building up your skills for a job or career. Without it, it will lessen your chances of employment. Adoption Choices of Colorado encourages and supports birth mothers in completing their education.

Is There a Way I Can Choose The Type of Adoptive Family I Want For My Baby?

During your pregnancy, you can make a list of your family values and interests you desire for your child. It is an essential part of creating your adoption plan. Our website lists waiting family profiles where the birth mother can search, review and select the best adoptive family. You will see a short menu where you can filter your options by location, number of kids, etc. For example, if you pursue a Denver adoption family, you will filter adoptive families living in Colorado. The same goes for other adoptive families living mainly in other cities in Colorado. A home study is required to investigate the adoptive family’s background, conduct interviews, and inspect their home to ensure your child’s safety.

Begin Your Adoption Journey with Adoption Choices of Colorado 

As a licensed professional adoption agency in Colorado, we will console you throughout every step of the adoption process. It’s never too early to begin planning for your child’s future. We understand the grief and difficulties you may experience in your adoption journey. By creating an adoption plan in advance, you allow yourself enough time to re-think any decisions. You will allow yourself enough time to heal through the pain. With our counseling services, you are also gaining the benefit of having enough advice from our adoption experts within a longer time.

We work to preserve our birth mothers’ love and care through adoption. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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