Can I Find a Family for My Baby at Christmas Time?

By Amber Godin

During the holiday season, with all its festivities involving the family, pregnant women might feel stress, anxiety, and isolation. Sure, the holidays can be challenging and seem like an unusual time for adoption. However, our adoption agencies in Colorado want you to know that there is no better time. In fact, we provide birth mothers with a network of supportive adoptive families. The best of all is that our network of adoptive families welcomes children during the holiday season.

Considering adoption during the holiday season? We help birth mothers find loving families, providing compassionate guidance through the adoption process any time of year. Contact adoption choices of Colorado

Creating Your Adoption Plan in Colorado

When you work with our child adoption agency, you are given complete control over the entire adoption process. While it feels overwhelming at first, our compassionate team of adoption specialists is here to ease your concerns. There is always the question of how to create your adoption plan. We guide you through a step-by-step process that allows birth mothers to create their own adoption plan. It helps to first assess whether adoption is the right choice for you. Our adoption specialists provide resources to help birth mothers make an informed decision.

Unsure if Adoption in Colorado is Right for You?

There are a couple of ways to explore the benefits of adoption and determine if it is right for you and your baby.

  1. Contact us. Reaching out to our adoption agents might seem like the hardest step for birth mothers struggling with mixed emotions. Our compassionate team is committed to supporting you through this personal decision to choose adoption.
  2. Take advantage of our free adoption services. We offer resources for adoption counseling as a way to help you figure out an adoption plan. This includes your level of openness and what qualities are important to you in adoptive parents. Our adoption counseling provides emotional support and guidance for unplanned pregnancies. Benefits include that this service is free for birth mothers, and you don’t need to commit to adoption to use our services.

When You Choose Child Adoption in Colorado

If you choose adoption in Colorado, the steps involved in the creation of your adoption plan include:

Choose your type of adoption

If you want a relationship with your child throughout, you will want to explore the benefits of open adoption. If you wish to stay anonymous, then closed adoption might be your best option. If you wish to maintain a relationship with your child but from a distance, semi-open adoption is an option. You choose based on your unique situation and preference. Open adoption may offer the most benefits versus closed. Our adoption specialists will go over what each type entails in more detail.

Working with a caseworker on legal aspects

Our adoption agency provides birth mothers, like you, with your own caseworker to complete the legal aspect of your adoption plan. This process includes negotiating terms with adoptive parents. Including the level of contact and means of communication if you choose open or semi-open adoption. Remember, there is no wrong adoption type. Only do what works best for you!

Choosing your hospital and birth plan

These include: who will be in the room with you? Will you hold your baby? The name of the baby. As the birthing aspect can be the most challenging for birth mothers, it’s a critical time to honor your own needs. In terms of comfort and reducing the stress of this time. Only you know what is best for you!

Preparing for post-placement life

After your adoption is finalized and the adoptive parents take your baby home, this is an opportunity to get emotional support. We encourage birth mothers to use our free counseling services that are available after adoption. This includes monthly support groups for birth mothers. You are never alone and we offer coping skills for birth mothers post-placement

Dispelling Myths About Child Adoption

Child adoption is affected by misconceptions, or myths. They can be about birth mothers or adoptees. It is important to recognize adoption as a deeply personal choice. Therefore, no two adoption plans will look the same. Also, no two opinions about adoption might be the same. It’s important that birth mothers educate themselves and receive guidance to dispel these common myths.

Myths that Birth Mothers may Believe

You are abandoning your child. No. Adoption isn’t the same as abandonment. Adoption is a responsible, loving choice for your baby. Because you are providing them with a loving, nurturing home for them to grow in.

You are being selfish by choosing adoption. Emotions such as guilt or shame might be due to this misconception. Or others’ opinions about adoption. Not everyone is supportive of or understands how adoption works. But adoption is ultimately a selfless act, especially if you are not ready or willing to be a parent. You are giving your child the opportunity for life, not giving up on them! Your baby will receive loving adoptive parents who will treat your child as their own.

You don’t know if they will go to a good home. It is true that depending on what level of openness will determine choosing adoptive parents. You can, however, still choose the preferences or qualities you look for, regardless of the adoption type. Rest assured, Adoption Choices of Colorado applies thorough screening to every adoptive family. It is part of the adoption process to ensure adoptive families provide a loving, stable home for your child.

General Adoption Myths

The holidays are a bad time for adoption. You can still choose adoption during the holidays, as adoption is a deeply personal choice affected by many misconceptions.

 Adoption is too complicated. Learning how to give your baby up for adoption doesn’t need to be complicated. That is why our agencies in Colorado Springs are here to dispel adoption myths.

What Adoption Means for Birth Mothers?

Now that you have learned what adoption doesn’t mean (or some of the common myths and misconceptions). It’s time to learn what adoption means for birth mothers and how the holidays offer a perfect opportunity.

The adoption process might affect birth mothers during the holiday due to the stress and demands during this time. You might have family members who don’t understand adoption or offer support.

Our adoption agencies in Colorado work with adoptive families who are looking to adopt during the holidays. In the season of gift-giving and gratitude for family. The holidays can be brighter with the gift of your baby to make a house a home. You will have peace of mind knowing that you granted a wish for a couple.

By choosing adoption during the holidays, you can feel confident and empowered by this decision instead of feeling overwhelmed. Yes, the idea of adoption is emotionally challenging, especially for birth mothers. We are experts in child adoption and will help you navigate your questions and concerns. Leaving you with confidence and hope to make the holiday season a time to honor your own journey of adoption.

 At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we are here to help you navigate the adoption process and your emotions with our unwavering support! 

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