Birth Orders for Surrogacy in Colorado

While going through the Colorado surrogacy process, as intended parents, there is so much to prepare for before your child is born. That may be preparing a nursery or making sure to have enough baby supplies. Whatever the case may be for you, the birth of your child is one that you want to be prepared for. As you await the arrival of your child through gestational surrogacy, there is a very important detail to know about and prepare for— birth orders. Before understating the importance of birth orders, let’s have a reminder about what Colorado surrogacy entails.

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What Is Gestational Surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is when the surrogate mother does not have any biological ties to the child she is carrying and will eventually give birth to. This woman is often referred to as the gestation carrier. This is important because this means gestational surrogacy creates clear roles for all of the parties involved. The gestational carrier gives birth to the child, and the intended parent then becomes the child’s legal parent. Having these distinct and separate roles in the surrogacy process leaves room for fewer legal issues to arise during this process. However, this is where birth orders come into play.

What Is A Birth Order & Why Do I Need It?

You are probably wondering what a birth order is. To put it simply, birth order is a legal document that assigns parentage to the intended parents. You may be thinking, “Well, I am the intended parent. Doesn’t that mean the baby is automatically recognized as my child?” Yes, you are the intended parents, but that does not automatically equate to you being legally identified as the parent just yet. Upon the birth of the baby, most states automatically presume parental rights to the woman (and her husband if she is married) who birthed the child. Clearly, with surrogacy, this is not the case. This is precisely why a birth order is needed. To be sure that this process is cone correctly, be sure to speak with your lawyer regarding birth orders. Doing this before conception is ideal. 

What Are The Different Types Of Birth Orders?

There are two types of birth orders— pre-birth orders and post-birth orders. A “pre-birth order” is referring the legal process of establishing parentage before the child is born. On the other hand, a “post-birth order” refers to the legal process establishing parentage after birth. 

 In Colorado, the court will most likely grant a pre-birth order without any complications. This means the intended parents are granted parentage once the child is born. At birth, the surrogate mother is relieved of her obligations over the child and removed from parental rights. With a pre-birth order, the intended parent’s names are printed on the child’s birth certificate at birth. A pre-birth order will also mean the hospital your baby is born in recognizes you are the legal parents. This paves a clear road for any necessary accommodations to be made in the hospital for you before and after delivery. A birth order will also allow for your child to be recognized as your responsibility at delivery for insurance purposes as well.  

It’s Time For A Birth Order!

If reading this has helped you realize you need to take the necessary measures to get a birth order, you have come to the right place. If you need help in knowing how to take the necessary steps to obtain, Adoption & Surrogacy Choices of Colorado can help. Our team is ready to help you prepare for creating your dream family! Reach out to us today to learn more information and resources to help you along your surrogacy journey.

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