What Are the Birth Mother Rights After an Adoption in Colorado?

By Gabrielle Maya
You are a birth mother in Colorado who has decided to go through an adoption process. You have chosen us, Adoption Choices of Colorado, to prepare you for the adoption plan and adoption process and explain the CO adoption services. One crucial question plaguing your mind is, what about after? What are your birth mother’s rights after the adoption is finalized? We are a reliable adoption agency in Colorado and want to make the adoption process and finalization easy to comprehend and get ready for. Let’s briefly explain what an adoption plan is and how it starts off your adoption process If you need adoption help now, please call or text us at 303-670-4673 (HOPE) or visit us at Adoption Choices of Colorado.

Adoption Plan in Colorado

With an adoption plan, this includes your adoption types:
Open Adoption
Having open communication with your child and the adoptive family. This type of adoption is primarily personal. Forms of contact can be made through video and phone calls, scheduled visiting, emails, and letters with updates on the child’s upbringing.
Closed Adoption
You take your privacy very seriously and do not wish to communicate with your child or adoptive family. You want no personal information exchanged. Your goal is to choose a loving family for your child.
Semi-Open Adoption
You don’t want a personal relationship with your child or adoptive family. However, you’d appreciate consistent updates. You make boundaries of communication. Forms of contact include phone and video calls, scheduled visits, professional emails, and letters. The Adoption Choices of Colorado mediate everything.

What are Your Adoption Preferences?

Next, you decide on specific preferences of what your ideal adoptive family would have. Some of these questions you might want to consider are:
Would you prefer the adoptive family within your neighborhood or the same county? Is farther away in a different city, state, or country a better option?
Based on your own experience of being raised, would you prefer an adoptive family with the same mindset when raising children or something slightly different from your upbringing?
Is having an adoptive family with the same race your preference, or does it not matter regardless because they will love and care for your child?
Religious Affiliation
Whether you believe in a particular religion or not, would you consider having an adoptive family with a belief a priority?
Family Type
Would you prefer an adoptive family with parents familiar with adoption, kids of their own, same-sex couples, single fathers, or mother parents?

Colorado Adoption Services

  • Financial assistance can be an opportunity to apply for grants and loans and be part of programs that help with your economic instability. See if you are eligible for the opportunities to assist you during your adoption process. Rent, phone bills, transportation fees, medical fees, and other expenses can be covered.
  • Medical expenses may be covered through financial assistance. We can help provide a doctor for you and schedule your appointments. We want to make sure you and the baby are healthy. Medical services can be paid for when applying for medical assistance.
  • Housing is an option if you do not have a home or have specific circumstances that make you feel unsafe or don’t have space in your living arrangements. We can provide possible housing options during the duration of your adoption—places near you where you will feel comfortable and safe.
  • Birth Plan occurs before the actual delivery date. You and your doctor will discuss the preparations, such as the location of the birth, who will be in the delivery room, if you want to breastfeed your child, and if you’d like pain relief medication during the birth.
  • Free Counseling Sessions are an option when you want to go over the adoption process’s emotions, feelings, and stresses or anything in particular. We understand that you may mentally figure out how you feel about the adoption choices you’ve made. We want to allow you to speak to a professional who will help you cope, acknowledge, and accept your adoption.

Birth Mother Rights: The Before and After

Finally, Adoption Choices of Colorado will help you prepare and understand your Birth Mother’s Rights Before and After adoption finalization. You have several crucial birth mother rights before an adoption is finalized.
  • You decide on the type of adoption.
  • The right to decide on the adoptive family.
  • Have complete control of your body
  • You control how you want to receive care for yourself and your baby.
You have the right to change your mind about the adoption process (limitations, depending on the stage of the adoption process and legalities in CO state) Once you are in the process of finalizing your adoption, you relinquish your rights as a birth mother. However, you have these four rights after adoption if you have decided to pursue open adoption.
  • You have the right to communicate with the child
  • Scheduling an in-person visitation
  • You have the right to send letters, make video and phone calls
  • Share with your child at the age of eighteen (closed adoption)
Adoption Choices of Colorado hopes you plan your adoption accordingly. First, our goal is to keep you safe and protected. We want your child to have a loving adoptive family. Finally, we want you to feel satisfied with your final decisions. For any specifications regarding your rights as a birth mother after the adoption is complete, speak to your adoption counselor and adoption specialist. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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