Birth Mother Adoption Plans: What to Expect

All of us know that in life, doing something is completely different from thinking about doing something.

Birth mothers may have read countless articles about adoption, but when it comes to forming the adoption plan, many simply aren’t prepared for the realities nor the barrage of emotions felt. That’s where this article comes in. We’re going to look at some of the feelings birth mothers tend to experience when creating their adoption plan to help you to understand what it’s actually like to create one, not just the basic steps or requirements. Adoption Choices of Colorado is passionate about helping birth mothers through creating their adoption plans.


Adoption is a time of loss, even if it is for the most beautiful and selfless reasons. It’s normal for birth mothers to feel sad when they’re giving a baby up for adoption. Sadness is normal, but you’re not giving up. The thought of saying goodbye to a life you’ve grown inside you can bring on great sadness that you need to try to prepare for.


The joy of having your baby after months of carrying them is exciting, especially as the due date looms. It’s important to remember that feelings of excitement are natural, and it does not mean that you’re feeling gleeful over placing your child for adoption, and instead you’re simply going through the experiences of any mother.


You’ll likely have a moment when writing your adoption plan where you’ll feel angry, especially if your reasons for placing your child are outside your control. Feeling resentful or frustrated is also common.


Placing a child for adoption can bring feelings of guilt. It is important to remember that you haven’t let anyone down, and instead, you’re doing something incredible: giving the gift of a child to parents who might not be able to have one of their own.


You may feel ashamed that for whatever reason you aren’t able to raise your child. You may find you need to hold your head up high when those around you react negatively towards you and your decision.


Moments of fear, especially if this is your first pregnancy, are completely natural. Add in the unknowns of adoption too, and you may find that forming your adoption plan makes you feel anxious or frightened.


Adoption is a big decision, and like all other big decisions, the fear of regret is likely to surface. Remember that you don’t have to make a final decision until after the baby is born and that when writing your adoption plan you’re not making a binding commitment.


Many of the feelings birth mothers experience when writing their adoption plan are negative. However, in even the darkest of times, hope flourishes. Many birth moms feel empowered knowing that they are making the right decision for their baby, as well as knowing that the baby will be raised in the most loving and most nourishing environment. Birth mothers planning for open adoption can also find hope in the fact they’ll still be present in the life of their child.

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