Birth Father FAQ with an Adoption Agency in Colorado 

By Melissa Camacho

Many birth mothers going through an unplanned pregnancy face multiple challenging decisions. One of them may include the birth father of the birth mother’s child. When you contact a private adoption Colorado agency, you may want to know about the birth father’s role in the adoption process. Our local adoption agencies in Adoption Choices of Colorado prioritize every birth mother’s concern in creating an adoption plan. Our goal is to help you learn what you can to create an adoption plan.

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Does the Birth Father Have a Right to be Part of My Adoption Plan?

Yes, the birth father can be part of your adoption plan with your consent. If the birth father is your husband, he will need to take part in your adoption plan. You may need to adhere to Colorado state adoption laws if you want your husband to be exempt from the adoption plan. Reach out to our adoption agencies in Colorado, an adoption specialist, or an attorney to guide you through any legal process.

What are the Parental Rights of the Birth Father?

If the birth father is medically proven to be the biological father of your baby, he is granted parental rights. Keep in mind that adoption laws vary in every state. It’s best to consult your adoption specialist, an attorney, or a legal advisor regarding adoption rules and regulations.

Can I Choose Adoption for My Baby Without the Birth Father’s Consent?

While the birth father can be part of the adoption process, it is your right to choose adoption for your baby. An unplanned or unexpected pregnancy would not be easy if the birth mother faced other difficult circumstances. You can reach out to adoption agencies in Colorado for information regarding adoption regulations with CO Adoption.

Is the Birth Father Allowed to Assist Me in Choosing the Adoptive Family?

Two can be better than one. With Adoption Choices of Colorado, you can be as resourceful as you want in choosing the best adoptive family. You can accept the birth father’s guidance in helping choose the type of adoptive family you want for your baby. Even though you are in control of your adoption plan, you can expand your options with your child’s birth father. Feel free to navigate our waiting families profile page, where you can see both view profiles of adoptive families in Colorado. In addition, you can discuss your child’s adoption preferences, such as the adoptive family’s background, family values, and lifestyles.

If the Birth Father is Involved in the Adoption Process, Does He Need to Pay for any Medical Expenses?

If your medical insurance does not cover your medical expenses, the adoptive family will be responsible for covering any medical costs. Our adoption agencies in Colorado can also help you with your medical expenses during the adoption process.

Can the Birth Father Establish Paternity Rights?

The birth father of your child can establish paternity rights in three ways:

  • Adding his name to your child’s birth certificate
  • Go through a paternity test to add his name
  • Last but not least, he must claim his paternity rights

Paternity rights will not need to be claimed once you place your baby up for adoption. For further verification of paternity rights, you can speak with your adoption specialist or legal advisor.

If I Choose an Open-adoption, Can the Birth Father Have Communication with the Adoptive Family?

Upon your discretion, the birth father may also have open communication with the adoptive family. He can also communicate through social media, family visits, postcards, letters, phone calls, etc. Remember, you don’t need to make decisions alone in your adoption journey. One of our private adoption Colorado agencies will support you in sharing your adoption options.

What if the Birth Father Wants to Adopt My Child?

This is your adoption plan, and you have a right to choose the adoptive family, married or a single parent, for your baby. An adoptive parent can include the birth father. Our adoption agencies in Colorado can guide you in finalizing your adoption if you want the birth father to adopt your child. However, you can decide if you refuse to have him adopt your child. For more information please contact your adoption specialist or legal adviser.

Adoption Agencies in Colorado Joins You In Your Adoption Journey 

Your adoption options are never turned away, no matter who helps you with your adoption plan. Here at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we will always ensure you have access to your resources. Facing adoption during an unplanned pregnancy is an obstacle for birth mothers, especially if the birth father becomes aware. We have adoption agencies in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder. You choose where you want to begin your adoption journey when you place your baby for adoption.

Our adoption agencies in Colorado make adoption a reliable and durable choice for birth mothers. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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