Best Tips for Pregnant Surrogates during the Holidays

The holiday season can be one of the most joyful times of the year. Along with all of the cheer comes temptation and stressors, especially in the current health climate. As a surrogate, your experience with the holidays might look a little different this year. But you don’t need to worry. Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado is here to help you survive the holidays as a surrogate in Colorado.

We’ve gathered the best tips for pregnant surrogates during the holidays.

On Managing Stress and Staying Healthy during the Holidays

While pregnant, you should monitor your stress levels. High anxiety can cause unhealthy stress for the baby. Overworking yourself physically is also best avoided. Let yourself rest this season and take naps when you need them. Maintaining your health is an important step in remaining strong for a quicker recovery after delivery.

Stay hydrated! You should be drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Investing in a reusable water bottle is a good way to always have some on hand. The winter months are especially likely to increase your risk for dehydration, which can lead to premature labor. Do your part to keep the baby healthy.

Let your family or friends take charge of the cooking and cleaning this year. For any necessary tasks, take it slow and manage only a few at once. Cut down your Christmas card list and wrap gifts as soon as you get them to avoid being overwhelmed with a buildup later on.

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? If you still have gifts to find, take your partner, spouse, or a friend along on any shopping outings. Plan to shop during off-hours, such as early in the morning or late at night. Take breaks when you need to. Better yet, prop your feet up and opt for online shopping.

Tempting Treats, Fizzy Drinks, and Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy

You might be tempted to partake in holiday traditional drinks like eggnog, but we both know that is not a good idea. The raw eggs in homemade eggnog are a no-go, as is the generous alcohol content. Drinking more than 200mg of caffeine each day is also not advised, so limit yourself to one cup of coffee or tea if you need it to get through the holiday.

To take part in the festivities, you can make your own mocktail or hot chocolate, enjoy apple cider, or buy a commercially-manufactured premixed eggnog drink sans alcohol. Try bubbly drinks like ginger ale or lemon-lime soda with some grenadine or cranberry juice. Carbonated drinks can help reduce nausea and help you feel full.

With the holidays, you never know when dinner will be served. Keep nausea at bay with some light snacks between meals. Some great snack options would be freshly washed fruits and vegetables, nuts, lentils, and beans. While there will be many tempting treats around the holidays, it is especially important to have a nutrient-rich, balanced diet when you’re pregnant. Eating many smaller portions can help you avoid uncomfortable bloating.

Avoid fatty or spicy foods, especially if you have been suffering from acid reflux. Say no to raw or undercooked foods as well as soft cheeses and deli meats. These may contain bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, or listeria. As a surrogate mother in Colorado, your weakened immune system is more susceptible to illness from these bacteria, so you should pass on those foods. Also important to remember over the holidays is the risk of bacteria growing on food that is left out for too long. After everyone has been served, safely store leftovers in the refrigerator to keep everyone healthy.

Winter Travel Tips for Pregnant Surrogates

In the current health conditions, we recommend you stay home and celebrate with your household rather than traveling. After the 36-week mark in your pregnancy, you should stay close to home. If family members insist on visiting, ask that they remain isolated for two weeks prior to visiting and monitor their health closely. If your loved ones are local, it may be ideal to let them handle the holidays while you get some rest. Resting will help your body to stay strong and aid recovery after the delivery.

If you travel to see loved ones, ask that everyone present take the same health precautions. Holiday travel while pregnant can be stressful. You can always take a break to nap if you need to excuse yourself from uncomfortable conversations or have overexerted yourself. Alternating between sitting and standing can help to regulate your circulation and reduce swelling. When driving or traveling by plane, make an effort to take breaks to stretch your legs every hour or so. This will help reduce your risk of blood clots.

Even if your due date is months away, it can be a good idea to prepare a travel bag with essentials. Pack water, snacks, hand sanitizer, contact information, and identification. Have a hospital bag packed at least two weeks before your due date. If you are beyond 28 weeks, bring a letter from your doctor or midwife confirming your due date and that you are fit to fly. Bring a copy of your prenatal chart and your doctor’s contact information along with you and locate the nearest hospitals in case any complications arise.

Your doctor or midwife will have a holiday schedule too. Ask them about their holiday plans, so you can pass along your due date and health information to the covering physician if your doctor will be unavailable.

Tips for Pregnant Surrogates During the Holidays

Adoption & Surrogacy Choices of Colorado aims to provide exceptional service throughout your surrogacy process. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our recommendations for the holiday season. Surrogacy is an incredibly meaningful gift for the intended parent or parents. Treat yourself in moderation as you enjoy all the magic of the holidays.

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