Benefits of Counseling for Post-Placement Birth Mothers

By Quentin Steadman

Many birth mothers assume the adoption process finalizes once your baby finds an adoptive family. However, it is quite common for birth mothers to experience a sense of emotional distress once the adoption process concludes. Anger, confusion, embarrassment, and self-doubt represent only a fraction of what a birth mother may perceive when they put their child for adoption.  

Adoption agencies in Colorado specialize in providing thoughtful, sincere counseling throughout the adoption process.  At Adoption Choices of Colorado, our support doesn’t end once the adoption concludes.  Throughout the adoption process, including afterward, we work with birth mothers experiencing any of these feelings by providing quality counseling services, helping you find satisfaction and fulfillment with the outcome of your adoption plan.  

For many reasons, the counseling we give at Adoption Choices of Colorado stands out for its commitment to improving the well-being of every birth mother who chooses us for their therapy needs. Let’s take a look at how counseling, including post-adoption, can be a benefit for birth mothers.

Counseling for Those Considering Adoption

Colorado Adoption Agencies Provides Lifelong Counseling

No matter if you’re a birth mother one month out of placement, one day out of placement, or even one year out of placement, counseling provided by Adoption Choices of Colorado remains an engagement that ends when you feel you’re in a good place. The healing process varies from person to person, so we do not rush the path our post-placement birth mothers choose to walk when it comes to their therapy.  

Progress appears different for everyone. The duration of counseling is for you to decide, as is how often you choose to meet with your support group. There are no due dates, no time limits, and no deadline that Adoption Choices of Colorado enforces with our counseling services. We are here when you need us, however long that may be.

Adoption Agencies in Colorado Provide Free Counseling

Adoption Choices of Colorado prides itself for its promise to provide free counseling to all post-placement birth mothers. This includes birth mothers who have worked with Adoption Choices of Colorado to develop an adoption plan, as well as those who haven’t. We do not require birth mothers to have already collaborated with us. If this is your first time hearing about Adoption Choices of Colorado, we welcome you to consider us for your counseling needs.

Adoption Choices of Colorado empathizes with birth mothers who are dealing with multi-faceted difficulties. Life tends to approach us from different directions, sometimes all at once, so our free counseling services also include a free dinner, as well as childcare for the birth mothers who attend our support group. For birth mothers wishing to utilize our counseling services, we strive to make this service as accessible as possible.  If you face certain dilemmas, Adoption Choices of Colorado will help create a remedy so that you are free to engage with our counseling services.

Adoption Agencies in Colorado Provide Communities that Care and Support You

Often, a sense of guilt or apprehension may prevent birth mothers from seeking counseling. Perhaps you feel as if your worries are unfounded or are not worth discussing. When you choose Adoption Choices of Colorado, you’re choosing to place your anxieties and concerns safely in the hands of people who understand you. You will discover a support group of fellow birth mothers who recognize the tribulations you face as a post-placement birth mother.  

There are no strangers at Adoption Choices of Colorado. For post-placement care, we discuss what the best options for you will be based on your specific situation. You will hear advice from birth mothers who may have dealt with similar situations. When you join us, the burdens you possess become shared; we work together to dispel any feeling of isolation you may be facing as a post-placement birth mother.  

Reach Out to Adoption Choices of Colorado Today

If you’re a post-placement birth mother experiencing any emotional difficulties, don’t allow yourself to remain isolated. There are solutions, methods, and services that remain open to you, no matter your personal circumstances. Even if you aren’t sure that counseling is for you, our commitment to making this service free provides you the chance to experience it without financial strain.  

For those considering adoption, your own life doesn’t end once your baby is put up for adoption. Adoption Choices of Colorado helps you realize this reality by creating a space where you and your troubles are welcome and will find solace in the presence of fellow birth mothers. If you are curious as to what adoption agencies are available in Colorado, we’re here to help.  Take the first step by reaching out to Adoption Choices of Colorado to explore the type of counseling that benefits you the most. No matter your situation, we believe that you’ll discover a support group that cares, listens to you, and helps foster a journey full of healing and recovery.

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