All About The Benefits of Choosing Adoption (For Every Member Of The Triad)

By Nicole Hatton

Making the decision to go through the adoption process is a vital part of your child’s life. Whatever the circumstances are, unplanned pregnancy or not, we understand that this decision impacts you, your child, and possibly the birth father. It can take a toll on you mentally and feel overwhelming to look through the numerous local adoption agencies. However, after spending the necessary time to discuss and maul over the decision, there are multiple benefits to choosing adoption. These benefits impact every member of the triad, which are the birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of adoption for these different groups of people.

Benefits of Adoption For Birth Parents

Birth parents may choose adoption because they believe that it will provide their child with a better life. At the time of having the child, the birth parents may not be in a suitable position for support. Taking care of a child demands stability in a variety of aspects, such as a financial and secure environment. It is a huge time commitment and responsibility that may be too much to take on. The birth parents could be at different points in their lives. Focusing on yourself can prove to be beneficial by giving you more time to do other activities. The opportunities that would become more open could be career, educational, or personal goals. Additionally, it could be good emotional relief. It may feel like you are giving your baby up for adoption, but you are not giving up. You are not giving up on your baby or yourself. Adoption is an empowering decision that takes a strong and caring person to go through with.

However, if the birth parents choose to do an open adoption, then they could have more choice and control. They would have a say in who the adoptive family is and get to know the adoptive parents. This is beneficial because it can provide a sense of reassurance that your child is doing OK. You can have ongoing involvement with your child throughout their life. The amount of contact will be up to you and the adoptive family. You can share pictures letters, and even pay some visits if both parties are comfortable. 

Benefits of Adoption For Adoptive Parents

Adoptive parents may have a desire to fulfill their own parenthood. Some families may not be able to have their own baby and want to provide a loving home to a child. It can help to build a family or give their children siblings. Furthermore, adoption can offer diverse and inclusive families because it is open to anyone. Overall, raising an adoptive child can lead to personal growth, resilience, and learning lessons. 

Benefits of Adoption For The Adoptee

The adoptee would be able to grow up in a stable and supportive environment that their biological parents may not have provided. Having a better environment would positively contribute to their physical and mental well-being. They could also be provided with more opportunities for better education and personal development. Additionally, if the birth parents still choose to be a part of their life, they would have an extended support system. Having sources of care from both their adoptive and birth parents could benefit them in the future. This guidance can extend into legal rights and security, giving adoptees inheritance and medical decision-making.

If you choose to do an open adoption, your child can benefit from this connection and find comfort. Having a direct connection with their birth family allows them to have a better opportunity of finding their identity. They could understand themselves better, have less curiosity about family background, and have a better understanding of their adoption.

Getting Started With The Adoption Process

The first step is looking out for adoption agencies in Colorado and discussing adoption info with an adoption specialist. It’s important to be on the same page and make sure your agency knows where you are coming from. A lot of local adoption agencies will offer similar services but could have different price ranges. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, however, you will be provided with free counseling. Your adoption specialist will be there to guide you through every step of the process, even after your adoption. You can decide on what adoptive family you like together, create an adoption plan, and more. We are happy to provide you with post-placement support and other resources as well. 

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