All About the Adoptees

By Tyra Watts

When it comes to adoption, one of the goals that Adoption Choices of Colorado aims to achieve is to satisfy the birth mother, the child, and the adoptive families with our services. We want to ensure that our team of wonderful employees is doing what they can to make the adoption process go as smoothly as possible for both parties involved. With adoption, we know that the birth mother plays an essential role because they are the ones who decide whether or not they want to place their child for adoption, and if they do choose adoption, they are the ones who are in control of their adoption plan. However, we should take into consideration the child, also known as the adoptee. Here we will discuss adoptees and who they are, what you should know about them, and how placing your baby for adoption would work from their perspective.

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As stated earlier, adoptees are children. They are the ones who are being placed for adoption and are adopted by the adopter, also known as the adoptive family or adoptive parents. Most adoptees are fairly young and placed with adoptive families as early as they are born. 

How Do Adoptees Feel? Are They Happy or Mad?

Our adoption agencies cannot tell how adoptees feel about adoption if they are still inside of the birth mother. It takes time for the adoptee to know that they are adopted (if their adoptive parents tell them) and come to terms with it. Telling an adoptee that they are adopted is a difficult task because adoptive parents would not know how the adoptee will react to major news like this. The best way to know how the adoptee would truly feel is if they start looking for answers. Some adoptees do this, while others choose not to for various reasons. 

How Does Adoption Work for the Adoptee?

If the adoptee is unborn, then they would stay with the birth mother until they are born. At the beginning of the adoption process, the birth mother would have to reach out to Adoption Choices of Colorado and schedule a meeting with an adoption specialist. Next, our Colorado adoption agency will help the birth mother with financial assistance and prenatal care while the birth mother looks over potential adoptive families and the type of adoption.

There are three types of adoption that birth mothers can select: open adoption, closed adoption, and semi-open adoption. These options can affect how the birth mother can communicate with the adoptee and adoptive family. After choosing a type of adoption, you choose an adoptive family. Then, you create your hospital plan. By the time your due date comes, your baby will be born, and the post-placement begins. When the adoption is finalized, you will be provided post-placement support. 

What Should I Know About Adoptees?

One thing you should know about adoptees is that the birth mother has the chance to reach out to their child, depending on the type of adoption they’ve chosen during the adoption process. As stated earlier, there are three types of adoption: open adoption, closed adoption, and semi-open adoption, and they can affect how the birth mother can communicate with the adoptee and the adoptive family. For example, if you pick an open adoption, then you’d have full communication with the adoptive family and the adoptee during the adoption process and after everything has been finalized. Depending on the situation, the adoptee would most likely be more open to talking to their birth mother and family. 

However, if you choose a closed adoption or semi-open adoption, this can alter the communication between the adoptee and adoptive family, and the birth mother, especially after post-placement. With a closed adoption, there is a lack of contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family. Once the adoptee is placed with the adoptive family, there is not much communication between the adoptive family and the birth mother. Meanwhile, with a semi-open adoption, communication between the birth mother and the adoptive family is made through the adoption agency. After the post-placement, contact is limited to sharing pictures. 

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